Bring on the holidays!


I’m Mo, I love working out and eating healthy. I don’t believe in diets and that fat makes you fat. I believe in that old saying that we are what we eat. I used to eat a lot of processed foods in huge portions. I now try to follow the 90/10 rule of nutrition. 90% of the time I eat real, non-processed foods and the other 10% I eat McDonald’s cheeseburgers and Kraft dinner. I don’t believe in diets because we each need to find nutrition that makes our bodies feel good and nutrition that we can maintain over a lifetime.

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. The biggest change that happened to my body was when I started lifting weights. I always thought I would get big or bulky by lifting weights but I was very wrong. I have been motivated by a lot of women in fitness magazines, friends, family and my friend, Tina. This is because they all lift heavy weights. I started lifting heavy weights after I had my ACL replaced in February 2012. Through lifting weights and eating real foods, I have lost 20 pounds since that surgery and have successfully kept it off. I work out 5-6 days a week and try to switch it up regularly. My least favourite workouts are my shoulders and my favourite part to workout is my legs.

I love! It is a wonderful resource for workouts, articles and nutrition advice. I did the Livefit trainer program in January 2013 and I had amazing results.

Mel and I look forward to sharing articles, recipes, workouts and our daily struggles with maintaining this lifestyle. We plan on having some guest posts and just having fun with our blog. Here is my workout that I did this morning. It took me 25 minutes.


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