Oh the Holiday Season – My battle with the “Grain Train”


So my sister Mo and I decided after hearing over and over “Wow, I love seeing what you cook” and “What do you do for workouts” that we would start a blog to document our struggles with staying fit at this point in our lives.

I’m Mel, I eat gluten and grain free 99% of the time. I would be what most people call Paleo – no grains, dairy, beans/legumes – eat lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and nuts/seeds. I don’t believe that fat makes you fat and that the “healthy whole grains” movement has put a massive strain on our society’s health but I’ll save that rant for another day. I do eat dairy once in a while because I live with an Italian and let’s be honest who can say no to a piece of creamy gouda. Dairy does, however, give me sinus pain, eczema and excessive mucus, so my “dabbles” are usually short lived. I work out 5-6 times a week because I have to for my mental sanity, its amazing the amount of customer-service induced anger that can be released in a 45 minute triple-set session at the gym. 

Tonight was my first warning that the Holiday Season is vast approaching. I’ll admit I am not a fan of Christmas mostly because I put on about 10 pounds and max out my visa, this year will be different, well at least the ten pounds part. To kick off the holiday season we had dinner at our Mom’s house tonight – goal was to eat well and have a couple glasses of wine, the eat well part would have been flawless but our Auntie Barb’s family famous nuts and bolts were served as an appie – this shit makes me weak in the knees. 

My battle with wheat is one that goes back 8 years, I recently found notes in my diary from 2005 saying “stop eating wheat” – I’ll admit it took me a couple years to completely eliminate it from my diet and I’m ecstatic I did, especially after nights like tonight where I am violently reminded what it does to me. Wheat doesn’t just make me bloated, it full on fights my guts with knives. I wish I would have remembered this as I scoured the nuts and bolts mix for the most worcestershire saturated shreddies. Luckily a couple days of clean eating (yes it takes a couple days) and my stomach should return to normal – I’m kind of glad I indulged tonight cause it was a warning of things to come and enforced the fact that this year I won’t give in to the cheese and cracker platters, the short bread cookies, the stuffing, and the beers. This year I won’t be a grumpy bloated biznatch and I’m excited about it – minus the visa part of course. Bring it on Holiday Season – I’m ready!!!


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