Don’t let the scale be the judge


As most women know, the scale is a friend and a foe, mostly a foe. Unfortunately as women we all put far too much emphasize on what this stupid little battery powered device says. I don’t believe what we weigh should dictate how much we love ourselves. For me if my clothes fit, if I’m eating well and staying active, if I’m smiling and laughing and enjoying life then who cares if I’m 170 pounds or 173? A friend was quoted as asking her husband one day “Do you want a skinny, bitchy wife or do you want a curvy happy wife”? I couldn’t agree more, be the you that you love and if you aren’t comfortable in your own skin then change it.

Me, I weigh myself everyday not because I want to but because I am used to it now, read on before you judge. I know, I know you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday, and I fully agree with you, however since I’m merely maintaing my weight and testing my physical reactions to foods right now, I just did myself a solid and CHANGED THE WAY I FELT ABOUT THE SCALE! (Yes our minds are a crazy, trainable thing, its amazing really). I monitor what I eat vs what the scale says and adjust my eating accordingly. Case in point, the other night we had our nuts and bolts munch fest – I was up 2.5 pounds on the scale the next day. Now old Mel would have been “THATS ALMOST THREE POUNDS!!!” and then proceeded to take it out on everyone else who crossed my path that day, not anymore. This time I said “yes, I am up on the scale, no I did NOT gain 2.5 pounds, yes I will see this number change after a couple days of EATING CLEAN”. If the scale is up I don’t starve myself hoping it will repair my indulgence and I don’t eat everything in sight claiming “I’m a big fat cow and might as well just keep eating until I put myself into a depressed Dorito induced coma” (this may or may not be a factual quote from my past). If I’m up on the scale I know what to do now, I reflect on my indulgence, smile and know I really enjoyed eating it and then I get down to business cooking and preparing some yummy healthy meals so I can get rid of the bloat.

This is what we had for dinner the following night:

Taco Lettuce Wraps

I took a massive amount of ground beef that I got on sale at Whole Foods, added cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder and salt and fried it with some yellow onion. Once the beef was cooked I drained the fat and added 3 handfuls of baby spinach. Stir the beef and the spinach will wilt into it. Add hot sauce if you like it, we did. Then, find the most patient and delicate person in your house for this next part – the lettuce. Cut the bottom off of the lettuce (the nubby white part) now CAREFULLY peel layer by layer off of the head of lettuce. I’m sure if you googled this procedure you may find a better way to do it, if you do let me know. Now scoop a bit of ground beef mix into the lettuce, add salsa and fresh cut red pepper – wrap however you can, its messy however you do it. ENJOY! I ate two 😉




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