Put Down The Coffee/Energy Drink/Pumpkin Spice Latte/ etc.


My name is Mo and I am a recovering energy drink addict. I was addicted to Beaver Buzz energy drinks. I would get up every morning and consume my massive energy drink that pumped me full of sugar and ingredients that I could not pronounce. My buzz would wear off in the afternoon and I would pump myself full of diet pepsi. YUCK!! I wondered why I struggled with my energy levels and didn’t feel very good. I was consistently dehydrated because of the lack of water intake.

In October I stopped drinking energy drinks and I bought myself a pretty water bottle. One of the best investments you can make in your health is buying a pretty water bottle to reinforce you drinking water. It is a mental trick that I have learned. I will not drink water out of a cup but will easily drink 3 bottles of water. Our bodies are made of approximately 75% water. WOW! Putting water into our bodies is the equivalent to putting fuel in your car. You need water to survive. You do not need an energy drink or a Starbuck’s holiday beverage. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, more if you are working out.

If you don’t like water, here are some photosuggestions for you:

Add lemon, limes, cucumber, mint, berries, and other natural items to your water to make it taste better.

You do not have to completely cut out caffeine and other beverages. Start slowly and do your best to carry that water bottle around with you. You will start to notice changes in your skin, appetite, energy levels and you may even lose weight. There are a lot of calories packed into those speciality drinks we consume. The key is to make those drinks a treat and not an every day indulgence.

On another note, my workout this morning kicked my butt. It took me 75 minutes. I skipped out on the overhead cable curl and for cardio I did the stair climber. Here is the link to my workout:



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