Cardio and Coconut Milk


The opinions expressed in this post are that of my own, my opinion does not represent the opinion of both parts of sisteractfitness. 

I hate running. Well, let me correct that, I hate people that can run. No that’s not right. I curse when I see people running down the street because I can not run. My sister and I are part Hawaiian, we weren’t built to run except from an erupting volcano and that would just be one bad-ass sprint. In the last 6 years that I have cared about my overall health I have dabbled in running. The problem is the impact of someone who is 170 pounds on knees that never saw it coming isn’t very favourable. Not to mention my hip pops out and my shoulders start to clench up, yes I am not meant to run. I personally had to find other ways to get my cardio that didn’t include jumping on the treadmill or hitting the pavement for some muscle seizing fun.

It always surprises me a bit when people want to start getting active and choose running. It’s high impact and not something that you should just jump into. If you want to start I would suggest not, ok ok if you really want to then I would suggest following a “learning to run 10K” structure and start off very slow. There’s no point in going all out then not being able to move for 5 days after – you want to find a source of cardio that you can stick with, better yet 2 or 3 sources of cardio and constantly mix them up, hitting different muscle groups. Enter walking, swimming, the spin bike, elliptical, stair stepper and all things low impact and awesome!!! Long gone are the days that my knees ache, my hip hurts and I have to glare angrily at the gazelle-like women on the treadmill.  Set a goal to get some low impact cardio in 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks in a row (it takes 3 weeks to solidify a habit) then increase your resistance or your speed and watch your mind and body improve!

So, last week my boyfriend wanted me to bake paleo bacon chocolate chip cookies for a pot luck at his work, lucky me, he brought home a couple that were leftover – anyways this recipe calls for coconut milk

 I bought a can of “premium, organic” coconut milk from Whole Foods and I’m in love. I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat cheese (95%) of the time so I miss the creamy aspect of food, until now. The other night (and tonight) I simmered vegetables in coconut milk, added some chicken and spices and at the last minute added some spinach to let wilt. The coconut milk absorbs the spices which then simmers perfectly into the meat and vegetables. To make sure it was enough protein for us I added a fried egg to the top, this was so warm and tasty I could have eaten two more plates. And yes that’s a bacon wrapped scallop, we both weren’t feeling great yesterday and that was the awesome treat the boyfriend came home from the store with – winner winner paleo dinner

Here’s a picture!!!!!




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