Working Out Through an Injury


As previously stated by Mel, our opinions do differ depending on the subject. I love to run.  People that know me well know that my brain rarely turns off. I am that girl in the back of the yoga class who tries hard to “Be Present” but even while twisting myself into some awkward yoga position my brain is focused on food, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, my to do list, etc. The only real time that my brain turns off is when I run. Running is my meditation. It is my place that I go to clear my head and ground myself. It is my opportunity to focus on my breathing and the way my body feels. Running is hard on your body and is a high impact exercise. I do not recommend running for everyone but I do think there are wonderful benefits to running. I do recommend starting slowly if you are picking up running. The Running Room is an excellent resource for all things running and even offers learn to run clinics. I did a clinic with the running room for my first half marathon. Check them out.

It is so important to listen to our bodies when we are working out. I get frustrated really often seeing motivational posters like the following:


And this gem:


There is a difference between physical pain and mental discomfort. Figuring out this difference will massively impact your workouts and physical progress. When we first start a new workout routine or sometimes when we have been working out awhile, our brain will fight us. Our brain may scream out that we are tired, we should just have a nap, that lifting 5 pound weights and texting while on the elliptical was a sufficient workout, etc. There is a difference between pushing past our mental discomfort and pushing past physical pain.

When you are injured be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. The harder you push your body when you are injured the longer your recovery will be. Just because you are injured does not mean that you should stop exercising. Learn to adapt your exercises and seek medical assistance. Physiotherapists are great for giving you exercises to heal and move through your recovery. I am currently working through an injury and have limited my running significantly. I always listen to my knee and make sure to back off when it is bothering me. I can’t give up exercise because I need it for my mental clarity. You know your body best so make sure to listen to it.

A big thank you to our Mom who made us an amazing Paleo dinner last night that we shared with our wonderful family from Texas. It was so nice to catch up and meet their new baby.

Below is my workout from yesterday and my workout today:
Shoulders (Yuck):
Legs: (Winning!):


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