Christmas is coming and my jeans are already tight


So tomorrow is the start of my most dreaded time of year – feast time. The time of year when not only are you hit dead on with the temptations you work hard all year to avoid but you are hit with a sh*t ton of them for 5 days straight. Tomorrow we have a pot luck brunch – aka a buffet. Now don’t get me wrong, this year is going to be different but if you are anything like me you have a very short window of WILLPOWER where you fill your plate with veggies and some light cheese, nuts and some meat. Which is perfect! Well alteast for about five minutes until you have demolished your plate of healthy foods and are now watching your family devour mini-quiches, pasta salad and spinach dip like it’s their last meal (Christmas is a marathon, not a sprint). So what do I plan on doing tomorrow? Drinking…………. just kidding. I do still plan on filling my plate (and stomach) with the healthy stuff first but then I plan on positioning myself as far away from the food as possible and striking up some good conversations with the family members I rarely get to see, all while drinking some wine. I also plan on hitting the gym first thing in the morning to get my metabolism reving for that moment when I do decide to indulge in a sausage roll or two – Will keep you posted on how it went!

PS – Something I learned this week – don’t donate blood when it’s your time of the month, this should be self-explanitory.