So I rode the bike this morning like I promised myself, and armed with confidence we headed to the first family pot luck. Now that we have made it home I can proudly say I DID NOT TOUCH A SINGLE BITE OF WHEAT!!! Not a corner of a samosa, not one mini quiche, not one triscuit dipped in spinach dip , not a single bloat-causing piece of Mel-stomach-death! However, I did eat almost an entire box of purdy’s chocolates and about 40 olives but we are focusing on the positives here people!!!!! I can proudly say I don’t feel bloated. Considering it’s already 7pm and I’m still not hungry we are settling down nicely with a pot of Eater’s Digest (my favorite tea in the world for tummy lovin) and will probably head to bed soon. 

Next conquest you ask? Drinks with coworkers tomorrow, appies night with the boyfriends family, Christmas dinner (the classic turkey dinner) and another family pot luck – 1 wheat free event down, 4 to go – GAME ON!!!!


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