It’s Christmas! Wear Your Stretchy Pants and Enjoy!


ImageMo here, I will be sporting some stretchy pants on Christmas day. Not because I plan on overindulging but because I plan on being comfortable and getting in some exercise. It also saves that awkward moment of undoing your top button if you do indulge or tucking in that extra roll if you have been indulging for awhile. Our family has planned a pretty healthy Christmas menu and I am in charge of appetizers this year. I will be making bacon wrapped artichoke hearts. There will be a couple treats but we are trying our best to keep it clean and paleo. Check out the recipe below: 

Mel and I decided that we would throw down a Christmas day exercise challenge. I was whining this morning because I won’t be able to hit the gym tomorrow because of working and it is obviously going to be closed on Christmas. I know that sounds weird to be whining about not exercising but I am pretty dependent upon my exercise. Mel reminded me that I have the ability to exercise at home without equipment. So…. here we go:

1. Go for a walk: I just checked the weather report in Vancouver and it looks like Christmas day is going to be clear. Bundle up as a family and get outside for a brisk walk after brunch. Not only will it be good to get some fresh air but exercise also stimulates digestion, which may help if you over indulge at brunch. Aim for 30 minutes outside.

2. Get your heart rate up: While you wait for your turkey to cook. Set your oven timer, timer on your Iphone or an alarm for 5 minutes and do the following:

10-1 leg hip thrust alternating legs

10- knee tucks (ab exercise)

20- mountain climbers

Complete those three exercises and you have completed one round. See how many rounds you can complete in 5 minutes.

Try our challenge out and see how you do. Come on, you know you want to! If you feel brave let us know how many rounds you complete!

Remember to drink lots of water to help your digestion and enjoy yourself. Try your best to fill your plate 3/4 with the healthy, non-processed foods and put a few treats on the rest.

Merry Christmas from Sister Act Fitness!

Mel's 30th bday 004



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