Thank Goodness for Pajamas!


Tonight was our final Christmas event and I can happily say WE SURVIVED! Though currently battling a bit of the sniffles and slight sinus pain (which I account to the tremendous amount of dairy I have consumed in the past 5 days) I can safely say I only gained about 6 scale pounds (not real pounds), 5 of which I would say is just bloat from getting my picky little fingers into the stuffing. Yes, I made it through my first, second and third events completely wheat/gluten free but my will power crumbled at the sight of luscious stuffing and after a glass of wine, well needless to say I’m happily in my new elastic-waist flannel pajamas at 9pm. 

This Christmas was a bit of a milestone for me – although I did overindulge at my boyfriend’s parents house I was smart about it and brought some paleo pizza crust cut up into crackers with me so I had something Mel-friendly to dip in the shrimp dip and everyone’s favorite SPINACH DIP!!!

Here’s the recipe for the pizza crust – I baked mine for about 16 minutes, let it cool then cut up into squares – you could honestly make this recipe into anything, pizza (duh), bruschetta, sandwich bread, buns for burgers – its versatile and delicious

I am thankful for the healthy decisions I was able to make over the past week, I feel like this is the first year of my revolution of Christmas. I will no longer fear this time of year. I will no longer stuff my face and neglect my workouts. This was the most calm and relaxed I’ve felt over the holiday season since I was a care-free kid and I can say with the smile that I look forward to topping it next year!

I wanted to share with you Mo and my next venture – (Mo you are joining me on this whether you like it or not)

My name is Melanie and I’m addicted to chocolate. In the past month it’s been really bad (see previous post about my consumption of nearly an entire box of purdys and there was little to no guilt associated with it, a clear sign I have a problem). In the paleo community there is a lot of talk about the 21-day-sugar-detox. It’s fairly simple but since I know myself pretty well and workout pretty hard, I know I will be setting myself up for failure if I don’t eat my one piece of fruit per day. So instead for 21 days I am going to eliminate any added sugars. No dark chocolate, no honey, no coconut sugar, no sugary bbq sauce or anything else along those lines. I will allow myself my apple or hand full of berries but that’s it for sugars. Yes, to my horror, this includes eliminating wine. Luckily, my boyfriend is doing a month without booze so we can be sadly sober together. 

Here’s the link to the website – you can enter your name and email and you will be emailed a PDF of the list of sugars (and all their sneaky names) that you need to avoid. You can also sign up and enter the start date of your detox (January 1st  2014) if you want daily support emails. If you even more game you could even order the book! – then lend it to me when you are done with it please!

Who’s in??????????? 


5 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Pajamas!

  1. I’m with you on the chocolate Mel. It’s like crack! I’m supposed to start a sugar-free diet in the new year with the help of my naturopath. I’m not sure how long I am doing it for though.

      • I have! I felt amazing but I’ll admit – it was TOUGH because of the no fruit rule, because it is such an easy and available snack. Unfortunately most cafes do not have little baskets of tomatoes or cucumbers on their counters… just regular apples and oranges. So always plan ahead and keep emergencies snacks (almonds, 21dsd OKed jerky, lil cans o-tuna w/o soy)

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