These Are My Confessions- Holiday Confessions


ImageGood Morning! I pumped myself up a bit this morning and stepped onto the scale. Not going to lie, I held my breath as I waited for the number to read. I survived the holidays with only gaining 4 (scale) pounds! Wahoo! I refuse to use the scale to beat myself up and instead let it motivate me to hit the gym this morning. My workout this morning was a struggle and I started replaying everything that I greedily consumed over the holidays. I had really good intentions over the holidays but I made some lousy food choices. So here is my confession of what I consumed yesterday:

  • Protein shake
  • Banana
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese with Bacon- made by Thyme to Indulge. I highly recommend checking them out for a cheat meal. 
  • French Macaroon (my favourite thing in the world)
  • Wendy’s Crispy Chicken Wraps x 2
  • Diet Coke
  • mini Skor Blizzard
  • Lemon San Palligrino
  • Purdy’s chocolates
  • Mini skor bites (5)
  • Oh and some fries and a couple bites of grilled cheese.

That feels like a huge weight off my shoulders by confessing that, insert massive sigh of relief here. It makes sense why I struggled so much with my workout this morning. I felt lethargic and really struggled with handling the weight that I normally do. The last couple days have been a viscous cycle of not exercising, eating horrible, feeling awful, trying to eat more because I feel awful and then not having any energy to exercise.  Anyways, I did complete my leg workout and decided to get back on track for my eating again. Today I will be choosing to eat real, non-processed foods and drink a lot of water. Does anyone else have any confessions of horrible holiday eating that they want to share?

The reason I love the workout I did this morning is because there is no cardio! Completing this workout really gets your heart rate up and you will be glistening with sweat. Best of all, it takes about 30 minutes to complete and your legs will feel the burn. WARNING- stairs may be difficult for a couple days. Here it is:

I complete these exercises on the Smith Machine. You do not need heavy weights because you are doing high reps.

Round One:

25 lunges on each leg (50 pounds)

25 calf raises (50 pounds)

25 dead lifts (50 pounds)

25 squats (50 pounds)

25 hip thrusts (25 pound plate)

Complete all the exercises without resting. Once you complete all of the exercises then you can rest for 2-3 minutes. Complete 3 rounds and I promise you will get your heart rate up and feel the burn. Enjoy!

Please feel free to share some of your poor holiday habits. Please don’t leave me out here alone being vulnerable. HAHA.




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