The Give Up and Take Up Challenge! A New Year and New You!!!




So Mo and I have been thinking about a new group challenge. In the past year or so my coworkers and I have done a couple of weight loss competitions – the big winner of the first competition was awarded $1000!!! Now I know money can be a big drive for some people but for the majority you get really excited for a challenge, then you eat a pizza, deem yourself a failure and fall off the wagon and if you are like me you land on your face. I will admit during the two weight loss challenges I ran at my work I actually gained weight – some role model I am. So since money doesn’t drive 95% of the people out there we wanted to think of more of a personal health challenge and we wanted to keep it simple. The reward? A better you! 

Welcome to the Give Up and Take Up Challenge! Get this – this is a ONE YEAR CHALLENGE – don’t roll your eyes yet it is so simple. Starting in January (yes a couple of days from now) you will simply do the following – At the beginning of each month – Give Up one bad habit, just one small thing that you know isn’t the best thing for you. Whether its binging on dark chocolate while your boyfriend is in the shower (yep, that one’s mine), drinking diet pepsi in the afternoon when your energy levels dip (yep, that’s Mo), snacking viciously while you watch television at night (about 90% of the population) or whatever small vice you want to work on. Now here’s the other side of it – Take Up one healthy thing for you, be reasonable, saying you will work out 5-6 times a week when you barely do one day a week is not reasonable, saying you will quit smoking cold turkey after 20 years is not reasonable! Think! Maybe even pick something that you can take up in place of the thing that you gave up. Example: Instead of stuffing your (yes my) face with dark chocolate try drinking a big glass of water or instead of biting your nails cause you are bored or nervous you do some deep breathing. Or keep the Give Up and Take Up completely separate – I personally am going to give up sugar (our 21 day detox – see previous posts and join us) but since that isn’t permanent (im being reasonable here people – I friggin love dark chocolate) I will also be giving up dairy, something I desperately need to do permanently in my life. Dairy makes me sick, literally. I get a cold, sinus pain, headaches, sore throat and just overall disgustingness. I will be taking up yoga and plan to do one yoga class per week for the month of January with hopes it becomes a permanent fixture in my life. The goal is to try and eliminate some bad habits and create some good, long lasting ones in their place.

Now don’t get us wrong, this is not something we want people to feel frustrated with if they only “cut back” or if they “try but it’s just too hard” this is a challenge you create for yourself and we want you to set yourself up for success – notice I didn’t say I would give up bacon? Cause I know that would be nearly impossible and before long I would be frying up a whole pack of bacon, while crying and eating dark chocolate simultaneously (I know myself too well)

We want to hear what your January Give Up and Take Up plans are – post it in the comments below or comment on our group on Facebook (Sister Act Fitness of course) and we can all keep each other accountable. We will post again at the end of January and look forward to seeing how everyone did and what your Give Up and Take Up plans are for February !!! Go team!!!! 

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On Twitter? Hash tag #giveuptakeup and see what other people are doing for their monthly challenge



10 thoughts on “The Give Up and Take Up Challenge! A New Year and New You!!!

  1. Jill Watson

    OK gals , here I go. I am going to give up after dinner sweets, eg cookies, candy. This has become a bad habit during fall and winter, which goes hand in hand with TV watching on dark, cold nights. Even though I run long distances every week, my pants are all tight right now. I am going to Florida for 2 weeks on Jan 4th and that will be a good way to start, as the routine will all be different and fun! A group of us are registered to run and walk the Goofy Challenge in Disneyworld . A half marathon on Jan 11 th and a full marathon on Jan 12th. ( I will quite likely fall off the wagon on the 12th!) lol

  2. Mblair

    What a great idea gals! Okie, for January, I’ll be cutting back on TV. TV doesn’t go on until 8pm on Weekdays, and 1pm on weekends. This will give me more time for fitness, and other things I love.

  3. Jill Watson

    That’s a good one to give up Mo. I will also be returning to yoga when I get back from trip. Had to stop in November due to wrecked back and a cold that wouldn’t quit. Of course, got too busy in December to return. Lol

  4. carol

    I will give up alcohol for the month of January (except for our one beach day in El Salvador where we can get beer for $1) and I still have to figure out the take up.

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