How do you eat healthy with a man in the house???


How’s everyone’s Give Up Take Up Challenge going? I can proudly say I haven’t touched sugar ——— until last night 😦 My boyfriend accidentally (I say accidentally because he knows better and is usually really good at hiding this stuff) left two bags of chips on the kitchen counter – Zesty Doritos and BBQ Lays – my two favorites. I can proudly say I devoured the remaining amount of Doritos (not much was in there, really) and about half of the rest of the bag of BBQ Lays – those poor chips didn’t see it coming. No I did not beat myself up about this binge and happily hit the spin bike this morning for some empty stomach cardio.

My question to you guys is “How do stay on track with your health and diet goals with men in the household”. It is fact that women cannot match men calorie to calorie and maintain or lose weight – Men are bigger, stronger, and burn more energy in a day – women have notoriously slower metabolisms. Believe me, I dated a guy over a decade ago who didn’t eat vegetables and ate out constantly – I ate out with him and put on 30 pounds in a short amount of time – gross.

Lucky for me I am the main grocery shopper in the house and stand by the motto that “If its not in the house I won’t eat it” – I, like Mo, am lazy – its rare that I would ever venture out of the house to eat crap – however I would venture out of the house to eat a lettuce wrapped burger from Fat Burger because I love them (try it, you will agree). So I usually buy meats, fruit, veggies and nuts and then a couple of things that my boyfriend likes – aka the food I have a hard time avoiding but practice makes perfect – the #1 food that he loves that I have on my “avoid” list is cheese. We usually have cheese in our fridge and I always pray its not gouda, gouda is my weakness, cheddar can beat it and mozzarella is a maybe.

I am very lucky that my bf eats whatever I cook and also has a reaction to wheat so he’s fairly content with meat, fruits and veggies (and cheese and he loves pickles) 95% of the time. He also goes out for lunch here and there to enjoy the things I can’t have in the house (sushi, bagels, chips, dog treats – who knows, I’m not there) so our eating works well for us and he supports my picky eating.

My suggestion to anyone who is struggling to eat healthy in their household – get out a cookbook that you love (paleo, vegan, wheat free, clean eating – whatever you want but I’m sorry most Best of Bridge recipes aren’t endorsed by Sister Act Fitness) and ask your spouse/husband/family which recipe they would like to try – engaging your significant other or family in the food decision is fun and maybe they will even help you cook! Also if you and your man like to have a snack after dinner maybe you could commit to having a treat one night per week instead of every night – baby steps

Let us know your tricks and tips for keeping your healthy goals in line in a multi-person household – the more ideas the better so we can continue to build this healthy community!

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