Working Out when you are sick


Forgive me for not having my usual spunk in my blog posts – I have been sick for what feels like a month (really only a week). It started in my sinuses, worked it’s way to my throat and now has settled nicely in my throat and chest – awesome! I literally lost my voice a couple times today – Happy New Year to me! I was supposed to do some weight lifting today (legs) but after working all day I can’t bring myself to leave the couch, nor do I care. You have to listen to your body when you are low on energy. This sugar detox and caffeine detox (haven’t had caffeine in 4 days and surprisingly haven’t killed anyone) has left me with less than ideal energy but I know in the long run this will pay off. So instead of forcing myself to the gym tonight I had a bowl of bone broth, curled up in a blanket and watched football (not my choice but you gotta compromise). Tomorrow, however, I refuse to be a lazy whiner and will be hitting the home gym after work! 

What’s your opinion about working out what you are sick? My opinion is do whatever you feel physically capable of doing – if that’s yoga – giver! If you feel like a 10k run – you are crazy but have at it! Feel like lounging on the couch and reading our blog – we love you!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Working Out when you are sick

  1. It makes me very happy to hear that you took it easy tonight and opted for bone broth over barbells! I usually do not workout at all when I am sick… If I do, its just walking on a treadmill or something really low impact and easy like that. Hope you feel better!!

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