Fat Loss Workout Via Bodybuilding.com


I wanted to touch on the difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss. Weight loss is a complex thing, when you are active sometimes weight loss isn’t a good thing as the loss may be at the cost of hard earned muscles. Case in point – someone who overtrains (hours in the gym with inadequate nutrition) could be putting themselves into a catabolic state, doing more damage than good in the long run (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/catabolic_crushers.htm) – The same goes for someone that doesn’t work out and starves themselves to the point that yes they will see Weight Loss on the scale but it’s at the loss of muscle, and sometimes even brain function. 

Enter my current goal: Fat Loss. How do you do that? I have no idea cause I’ve never really tried but cutting back (completely eliminating currently) sugars is a good way to start. Our bodies have to work pretty hard to convert sugar to energy and a lot of the time sugars don’t convert and then turn to fat – yes put down that can of coke! I honestly didn’t know where to start with “fat loss” so I googled it and found two very unique workouts geared around fat loss. The key these two articles touch on are LIFTING HEAVY and even SLOW CARDIO I am doing the weight regime that is listed on the first part of the article. I must say I am loving it – the complex moves are making muscles of mine hurt that haven’t hurt in a while. I’m evening seeing progress in my chin-ups (yes assisted, these arms aren’t strong enough to haul this ass of mine up yet), I’m beginning to see muscle growth in my arms and back and notice my posture is getting better. I can happily say after cutting out sugars and getting back to lifting heavy weights I am down 5 (Christmas food baby weight) pounds – with little cardio because my lungs still feel like dried out sacks of hay from the cold I’ve been battling. Weight loss with no cardio? I know it’s crazy but watching what you eat is 80% of the battle.

Mo and I highly endorse lifting weights and if you don’t know where to start I would suggest finding your local recreation centre and seeing if they have any classes – the teachers are always great and happy to teach and there’s usually plenty of beginners in the class so you aren’t too intimidated. Also check out Bodybuilding.com – Mo touched on Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer – it is a great place to start.

I will keep you up to date with my fat loss journey – my goal is 25% body fat – I would like to be there by the summer

What are your personal goals? Is Fat Loss something that interests you? Do weights intimidate you?

Here’s the link to my current workout regime:




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