A Day in the Life of Mel


Hey Everyone! To this day I still laugh when I tell people I don’t eat wheat and they respond with “Well what do you eat then” Haha yes sandwiches, pasta, bagels, chicken strips and pizza are staples in most people’s diet but unless you are one of the rare few “superhumans” as I like to call them, chances are if this is your diet you don’t feel as good as you could. 

I’m going to try and recall what I ate on my last day off cause it’s a lot more fun than when I’m at work just shoveling nuts, an apple and salads down my throat cause I’m lazy

8am – Woke up and had a glass of hot water with half a squeezed lemon in it (Why you ask? Cause it kick starts your metabolism and cleans the toxins from your insides – it also helps with other bodily functions much like coffee does….. uhhhh moving on)

Now since I’ve been weight training I eat before I go to the gym – this sucks cause it delays my getting to the gym but if I don’t eat I find my adrenal system can’t handle the shock load of the workout and I get very dizzy and sick after – SOOOO I microwaved a bit of leftover ground beef from the night before with some spinach and made about 8 sweet potato chips with our new kickass “chipster” from epicure

At about 9am I got to the gym to do my weights – I warmed up for 5 minutes on the elliptical then did some static stretching before hitting arms and back. I then polished it off with 20 minutes of cardio before realizing I was becoming short on time for my 11am chiro appointment – a 30 min drive away.

I rushed home, showered (admittedly not washing my hair, gross I know but who asked you), heated up some more ground beef and grabbed an apple and a spoon.

(Disclaimer: Sister Act Fitness does not condone the following act)

I then ate my ground beef and apple as I drove down the freeway.

The amusing part was I was still ten minutes late, which I thoroughly enjoyed, seeing as my over-sharing, chatterbox chiropractor has kept me waiting on numerous occasions, ha how the tables turn chatterbox

After the chiropractor I was to meet my Mom at Nature’s Fare for lunch at their Apple Bistro but after stopping at the mall briefly by the time I met my Mom I had slipped into what we call the “Beyond making decisions point of hunger” – You know this feeling, it’s before “Hangry” and long before “I dont give a sh*t about gluten free just get me some food” – It’s that point where you know you are hungry but you don’t know for what, you just know it’s not hunger for the options that are presented in front of you (Yes men, this is some serious insight into a women’s psyche)

My Mom, picking up on my indecisive vibe saved the day with the words “I have some sweet potato fries and chicken at my house” – SOLD – Mom to the rescue (she’s the best). We head to Mom’s and around 2pm I safely consume some rosemary and olive oil roasted sweet potato fries and a half of a chicken breast. 

After hanging out with Mom for a bit I decide to head back home “before traffic gets bad” – well it turned out that notion was about 45 minutes too late – For the record 200th street in Langley is a bloody joke – I have never seen a major road with worse timed lights – it literally took me 20 minutes to get from 86th and 200th through 4 lights to 88th and onto the freeway – 200th you suck!

Once I was home it was time to make dinner and I was excited – pizza night!!!!! A while ago we found this recipe for pizza crust and fell in love – it literally makes me smile because it’s the closest tasting thing to wheat that I have found in my wheat-free life. I believe I’ve tooted about it before but here it is again. All we do is whip up a batch, grease a full baking sheet and pour it in – it fills the baking sheet perfect! Here’s the recipe:


As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend loves cheese. This time we put bacon, artichokes, green olives, sundried tomatoes and cheese (on his half only) – Then we settled in for some Sons of Anarchy (terrible show, totally addicted)

So that’s a day in the life (and stomach) of me! Sorry I don’t count calories, I eat when I’m hungry and I especially make sure to eat shortly after a workout – carbs, proteins and vegetables. I used to have whey protein powder shakes right after the gym cause they are delicious but whey is a dairy product and I still have a reaction to it. I googled what paleo people do in this tough situation, and yes some do still have whey, grass fed whey but a lot of them just go home and make a real meal – as long as you eat within a half an hour (to an hour tops) of your gym session you shouldn’t be losing any of those hard earned muscles and you should be replenishing your energy stores efficiently enough. 

I will do a post soon on all the different meal options people can have on a “wheat free” or “paleo” diet for those of you who still can’t wrap your head around me not eating cereal for breakfast 



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