Starting Week 3 of Live Fit Trainer- 3 Pounds Down


ImageHey everyone! It’s Mo and I just finished week 2 of the Livefit trainer. I am still loving it and feeling great. I have had a few cheats over the past couple weeks but have been trying my best to be consistent. I lost 3 (scale) pounds but I feel as if I have been gaining muscle. The last time I did this program I found that I started to bulk a bit in the second phase due to the increase in food and the lack of high intensity cardio. I am looking forward to starting phase 3 in a couple of weeks and amping it up. I still need to be very careful with my knee because I am waiting for a scope to see the damage I have done again. I injured my knee again in August and it has been a very long and slow process to recovery.

Anyways, while doing my workout on Friday I strained something in my abs. It hasn’t been super painful but uncomfortable enough that I checked it out at the doctors and it turns out that I did strain something. It is important to rest when your body needs it and my body has an annoying ability to let me know when I HAVE to rest.  I took a couple days off and that time off made it difficult to get up to go this morning. This image perfectly captures what was going on in my head:


Despite that internal conversation, I still forced myself to go and I am really glad I did. January is a very busy month with a lot of birthday celebrations so it is crucial that I get my workouts in when I can. The gym was packed full of people this morning but the atmosphere pushes me to work harder than I would ever work at home. I was motivated by some of the women lifting heavy and even doing pull ups. Anyways, I finished a shoulder workout and once again remembered how much I hate them but I am motivated to get strong shoulders!

We want to hear from you! Which muscle group do you hate working out? How do you regain motivation when you break your routine? How are your doing with your goals for 2014?

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