Lean On Me


Who do you turn to for support? Whether it’s after a hard day at work, when you need that extra drive to get to the gym or maybe when you drank two bottles of wine and need someone to hold your hair back. Who is there for you? Once you’ve answered that question ask yourself this – Are you there for them? Do they know how much you love and appreciate them? If the answer is no I beg you to change that. 

I’m blessed with an amazing support network in my life – My boyfriend, who is currently dying with grace in Call of Duty while I write this, was called on tonight when I asked him “Can you please encourage me to do my sprints”? I worked a fairly busy/stressful 10 hours today and am slightly proud at the amount of excuses and procrastination techniques I can produce in one workout protest. My man (fairly well aware of my workout avoidance skills) calmly replied “Go do your workout, I’ll start dinner shortly, it will be ready when you are done” – Crap, how can I not workout after that?

More than once I’ve called on my sister for the same encouragement only her response is usually along the lines of “Get to the gym fatty” which I usually laugh pretty hard and then I go (yes this is what our sense of humour is like, no it doesn’t bother me) – My sister is also an expert in figuring out what people need in stressful situations and she has supported me in many “I need the truth even if I don’t want to hear it” moments in my life.

My Mother is another everlasting source of support – whether its financially (she let me move back in with her when I 4×4’d and ate prawn tempura through a whole big line of credit), emotionally – once in a blue moon I like to escape the world and lay on her couch and drink peppermint tea or just awesome Mom stuff like helping clean my basement suite with me when I moved (Don’t assume her efforts went unrewarded, I fed her beef jerky while we worked) 

My Dad and Step Mom are great in supporting us in our young adult years. Buying us laundry detergent and toilet paper and taking us out paddling with them to remind us to stay active as much as we can. My Dad wanted sons – I think we got as close to it as we could – instead of sons he has three daughters who can fish, play soccer, be put into a last minute rowing race and throw a football with a mean spiral – thanks Dad. 

Then there’s my gang of besties – who make me smile, and are always gung ho for whatever quirky/hippie/fundraising scheme I’m plotting. From our Adopt a Street to our Relay for Life team to supporting my need to do a Murder Mystery party for New Years. Even going on bike rides on the weekends cause they know I have a love for the outdoors. I have amazing friends. 

I hope these people know how much I love and appreciate them and I hope I contribute to their lives as much as they enhance mine. My goal is to continue to strive to be there for these shining stars that keep my life so bright.

Does your support network feel your support? Do you love and appreciate the relationships in your life that are equal parts give and take? I sure hope so and if not I sure hope you committ yourself to changing that



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