I Fell Off The Wagon, Time to Climb Back On



So…. it was my birthday and it happens to stretch over two weeks of celebrations. My plan was moderation and hitting the gym hard but unfortunately my best intentions didn’t come to fruition. Think about everything you would probably like to consume as a cheat meal and I probably ate it. McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Chinese, meat and cheese platters paired with perfect condiments (check out http://salttastingroom.com/), beef short rib on a gluten free bun, cake, chocolate, wine and beer. The list probably goes on but you get the idea. The E Card applies to me a lot this past couple weeks. Does anyone else get stuck in that vicious circle of eating crappy, having next to no energy to work out and then eating crappy again? I sure hope I am not the only one. The result of this indulgence has been an increase on the scale by 3 pounds and feeling very lethargic. The plus side of this is that my boss said I look slimmer today. I just love my co workers. It must have been the slimming clothes I was wearing today because I don’t feel that way. That positive comment has been replaying in my head as a dream about a spoon full of peanut butter with some dark chocolate chips. SNAP OUT OF IT! These are the moments when I text my support network, mostly the other half of this blog, to get a reality check. I know my goals and that the amazing peanut butter won’t get me there but having a nice cup of tea will help. Don’t worry I did eat a balanced dinner as well.

Anyways, I finished my weekend out on the outrigger canoe with some of my family and my good friend. We are planning on joining the team and racing this year. I am really excited about racing because I am really competitive and have been missing competition since hurting my knee in August. It was an extremely foggy morning but a great way of getting some exercise and fresh air. It is important to switch up your routines to avoid getting bored and your body adapting to it. Our body needs to be challenged and muscles need to be used in different ways to see results.


Life jackets sure are slimming. You can see behind us how foggy it is but it was still an awesome morning and we learned how to actually place our feet in the boat to better engage our cores. New core exercises will help me in my goal towards a six pack.

So being back on the wagon today, I had to accomplish my food prep. Food prep for me consists of measuring and weighing out extra lean ground chicken, plain Greek yogurt which I add cinnamon too, couscous, and cutting up veggies. I hit the gym every morning before work so I makes it easy to pack my lunches for the entire week. If you want a super easy and healthy recipe try these muffins from Jamie Eason.http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/video-jamie-eason-turkey-meatloaf-muffins.htm So good and you can add whatever spices you want. At work today we talked about the annoying part of washing the pan after and someone suggested using muffin liners. Amazing idea! I got these cool ones for Christmas and they make me think of my hippie sister who would never eat cupcakes but loves peace signs and meat. Perfect combo for her!


Anyways, we are in our last week of the give up/take up challenge. How is everyone doing so far? Start thinking about what you are planning for February. I am in my last week of Phase 2 of Livefit Trainer and can’t wait to be start Phase 3. Back to eating super clean until my next cheat meal. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can. We would love to hear from you!

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