How to Paleofy (yes its a word) a Meal


Every wonder what a caveman/primal/paleo meal looks like? Yes there’s a lot of controversy about the primal diet but I believe we should just eat simple foods (Remember the saying – the only ingredient in food should be food) and focus on avoiding processed and multi-ingredient pre-made foods. Interested in trying? Well we will teach you what questions to ask yourself (or your server) before you eat:

Tuna Sandwich:

Is the bread made with grains? – Yes duh

Go home and make this instead

If you can’t scurry home then – Can you eat it without the bread? Well, it’s not really a sandwich then, it’s a bunch of tuna

Can you put it on top of lettuce and call it a salad? Yes!

Then do that! – and add an avocado and salsa for good fats and flavor

Or make these and invite me over:


Chicken Caesar Salad

Did you make it yourself with dairy free dressing and fresh grilled chicken that you seasoned? No

Don’t eat it – refer to Tuna Salad or go home and make this:


Prawn Stir Fry

Did you make it yourself? No – don’t eat it – the teriyaki sauce probably has wheat in it and if it doesn’t you will probably feel less than satisfied ordering the stir fry without noodles or rice

Alternative: 6oz steak, hold the potato (don’t whine that is the best part, its a white potato with not much nutrients in it and its hard for your body to digest steak and potatoes together in one meal) – in lieu of the potato – extra vegetables (asparagus, red pepper etc) or extra side salad


Everyone’s favorite THE BURGER

Can you order it on a lettuce bun? Yes! Please proceed and skip the cheese (yes the mayo is not paleo and neither is ketchup but if you are ordering a lettuce wrap I’m already proud of you – focus on baby steps here people)

Can’t order it on a lettuce bun? Can you skip the bun and make a burger salad? Don’t roll your eyes its actually pretty good

Can’t get either of these options? Where the hell are you eating? You should leave this non-wheat/gluten free friendly restaurant, go to Fat Burger or Joey’s where you can get a lettuce wrap burger and then write a nasty review of the previous restaurant from your phone or tablet

So overall if you want to start making smarter decisions for your overall health (and you just can’t fathom giving up meat because why else were we given these sharp teeth) the big tickets items you want to cut back on are: Grains (Wheat, Rice, Oats, Corn, etc), Legumes (Beans, Lentils and yes Peanuts are a legume), and Dairy (Yogurt, cheese, milk). It will involve being more conscious of your decisions before you eat but I guarantee once you start cutting back on these common diet staples you will being to feel better. 

Sister Act Fitness wants to know if you would be willing to try any of these tips? Haven’t you already started some minor changes in your eating habits and are starting to see benefits? Feel free to share

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