I had to cave on the nuts


On my way home from work today I was stumped as to what to eat for dinner. Lately my mind has been a bit of a whirlwind as to what to eat in general- my most recent live blood analysis showed I have a gallbladder issue, which wasn’t a surprise to me since I’ve had a bit of a squeezing feeling in my right side below my rib on and off for the past two months. (And you know I googled that sh*t as soon as it started so I had an idea of what was going on) Gallbladder issues can stem from a high fat diet and also losing weight quickly – guilty on both parts.

So what I’ve been trying to do is not eat as much animal fats – leaner cuts of steak (I’ve had to temporarily say bye bye to my adored rib-eyes, however I have requested a juicy one for Valentines Day), chicken breasts instead of thighs (gross, breasts from Save On are disgusting but the local meat market kills my wallet which in turn kills my social life, not favourable), fish instead of bacon – Fish instead of bacon? This has to be the 8th deadly sin. Unfortunately at the same time I have sworn off dairy completely – I’ve had excess phlegm since December when I was sick and it needs to stop. I’ve gone 2 days haha (pats self on back). Now I also wanted to eliminate nuts from my diet, not because they are bad for me but due to sheer convenience and salty greatness I cannot just eat that ridiculous 12 almond serving – its more like 40 if I even stop there. Nuts (in the excess amount in which I consume them) leave me bloated and bloated Mel is a grumpy Mel.

So today since I had eggs with red pepper and sundried tomatoes for breakfast, extra lean ground beef with roasted broccoli and salsa for lunch and a lemongrass chicken salad for snack I was like “What the hell do I eat for dinner”? My coworker (a healthy one) suggested taco del mar taco salad which is a great idea but I didn’t have the heart to tell him I basically ate that for lunch. Sigh. So instead of hitting fat burger on the way home for a lettuce wrapped ball of burger love I went to the grocery store and for now, gave up one of my eliminations – nuts! 

A new favourite store of mine has opened up right by the grocery store – Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts. Fresh, in store roasted nuts and a huge selection of dried fruits. I normally get their goji berry trail mix (it has a fancier name that isn’t coming to mind right now), garlic roasted almonds and spicy cashews for the bf. I get a fairly good amount of nuts and mixes for around $10 – it always surprises me when they tell me the price – I think it’s a great deal. Sadly Ayoub’s was closed when I got there today, this was somewhat a blessing in disguise given the previous portion control issues I discussed. So I went into the grocery store and hit the bulk section, gross but secretly good because unfresh nuts don’t appeal to me in the mass amounts that the fresh garlic roasted almonds do. I bought walnuts, macadamia nuts, and an almond/goji berry/pumpkin/dried cranberry/sunflower seed mix. When I got home I tossed them all together and had a small amount in a bowl with a salad (spring mix, a bit of chicken, grape tomatoes, garlic stuffed olives, sundried tomatoes). I was happy that I was able to still make a reasonably healthy decision despite my food confusion.

The moral of this story and something I have struggled with for a few years, when you cut out too many things from your diet you can get overwhelmed and wind up crying in the middle of the chip isle at Save On waist deep in doritos. Start slow, if it gets too much take a step back and ask for help if you need (coworkers can have good suggestions, boyfriends can make good stir frys). Make sure to food prep and to include lots of cut up vegetables for quick access and easy snacks.

I’ll keep you posted on the gallbladder – I’m off to the doctor next week for some tests, hopefully its nothing that my change in diet, supplements and strange cleansing techniques can’t handle

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2 thoughts on “I had to cave on the nuts

  1. Kristel

    Loved reading this Mel!!! I can totally relate to all of it, (including the gallbladder pain until I had mine removed 6 years ago). It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one struggling with making those “sensible” choices! I hope your gallbladder issue gets resolved!! It’s definitely no fun!

    • Thanks Kristel – I’m going to do everything I can to keep my gallbladder 😦 but I’ll rest knowing I have a friend who went through a removal if that happens – I’m glad you enjoyed the post – it makes me feel great knowing you read it 🙂

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