Dairy Free for me (But i’m still biting my nails)


So it’s month #2 in our Give Up/Take Up Challenge and we want to know “How you doing” (yes, spoken in a creepy deep man voice)

I personally have gotten back to the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet (except the strawberries on my salad the other day dammit! 80/20 folks, 80good/20whatever), I can’t remember the last time I had bacon, although I’m sure my sister will happily remind me, and I’ve been virtually dairy free for the last week (since my heavy binge on Superbowl – what a boring game, no wonder I ate so much). In light of all my good doings I have only slightly cut back on nibbling on my nails. This is a habit I have had for as long as I can remember and although the boyfriend has been slapping my hands away from my face with a stern re-assurance “It’s February Mel” I still check them when I’m in the bathroom, before I go to bed, quickly while a customer is rambling, between sets at the gym – oh gawd it is an addiction! Quick! Do they have an NBA? NAIL BITERS ANONYMOUS! I clearly need help!

Ok I’ll cool it with the drama llama antics – I have put my manicure tools out on the bathroom sink to remind me to keep my nails looking good so I’m not tempted, I’ll see how that goes this week – I am determined.

What goals do you have for the month of February? It’s a short one so make it something simple that you know you will stick with. 

I am also wondering what does everyone (mostly the gals) like to receive for Valentine’s Day? I’m a chocolate girl myself, dark, not too dark, I’m around 70-80% – and I love Lindt chocolate or dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Ok so I have a minor chocolate addiction – I don’t like all these vices that are coming to light the more I type haha

So besides biting nails, my addiction with dark chocolate and what the heck do you love to get on Valentine’s Day I have something for you – FOOD!!!!!

While I was trying to have a nap today, listening to my boyfriend and the French Bulldog we are dogsitting (see Instagram) alternate snoring, I thought “What am I going to do with all the leftover sweet potatoes I have” and boom – sweet potato biscuits came to mind!

Now coconut is not Blood Type O friendly which my boyfriend and I both are but if they upset my stomach I can pawn them off to someone. 

The recipe is actually from paleomg.com and Julie is hilarious you should follow her, however, it appears her website is having some sight issues right now so I found someone who wrote out her recipe on their site here:


I didn’t have bacon or chives or jalapeno or shrimp as paleomg.com has recipes for (and I have made them in the past they are to die for) so I improvised with hot sauce and chicken – and stuffed a couple with garlic/onion cheese for the boyfriend. I didn’t touch the cheese ones – in a perfect world haha – I tried one and it was tasty but they were equally good without. 

In all honesty if I had butter in the house I would melt it on top (shhhhhhh)





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