It’s Almost Here- Scope Time


Hey! It’s Mo tonight and I am holding my breath waiting for Friday. I have had some problems with my left knee for over two years now and on Friday I am having a Scope done to find out my fate. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will not need surgery again. Ahh genetics are a wonderful thing. My Dad and my Grandma both have had a lot of knee problems and it turns out so do I.

In May 2011 I ran a half marathon and played three soccer games in one week. The result was my ACL being completely torn and my MCL having a partial tare. I also had a small fracture in my tibia. Well… it wasn’t really the exercise but playing in a co-ed soccer league has it’s risks and a guy hit me from the side while going for a ball. Truth be told, I was having a really good game which made it more devastating. It was a terrible time and the most disgusting feeling I have ever experienced. We had no idea what was wrong with me and it took until August 2011 to be diagnosed from an MRI. I underwent surgery in February 2012 and started a very long recovery process. I gave up soccer for the time being and after going to the gym with my friend Julie’s husband (he is a physiotherapist) I took up lifting weights. I fell in love with lifting weights and the results it had for my body. I gave up on sports for awhile and focused on living in the gym.

A big push from my husband and brother-in-law got me back into playing reverse 2’s volleyball in the spring of 2013. We set up a net and played a lot of games and in tournaments. I was finally getting to be competitive which is something I crave. As my luck would have it, I went up for a big hit (as big of a hit as a 5’4 midget can do) in volleyball and ended up hurting myself again. I think I may have rolled my ankle and my knee gave out trying to compensate. I was screaming on the ground because of how scared I was to go through this process again. My Dad showed up about 30 minutes after I did it and gave me some wonderful words of wisdom “next time your ankle goes then just fall over.” Which I mean is great advice when you are already laying on the ground injured. Thanks Dad! Anyways, we went to the hospital and waited 4 hours for x-rays and no results. I spent a few weeks back on crutches and icing like crazy before I slowly started to go back to the gym. I took my rehab time very seriously and built back up to going to the gym regularly. One of the things I have learned from the professionals is to strengthen your butt and hamstrings to help your knees. We typically think to strengthen our squads to help support our knees but women need to strengthen the backside. Squats, lunges, and deadlifts are great exercises. Please seek out professional advice before starting any rehab process.

I saw my surgeon in November and he determined that he wants to do a scope to see the extent of my damage. So on Friday I will get put under and get my results. I am praying I don’t need surgery because the pain is very minimal currently and I do not want to go through this recovery process again.

Anyone else ever had knee surgery or other surgeries? How have you stayed with a healthy lifestyle given those challenges? I am taking up outrigger paddling this year as a way to have that competitive side but still take care of me knee. 2's

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