Is not blogging the same as not going to the gym?


Is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to get back to the gym after a couple days off? This weekend we were in Osoyoos taking advantage of the two-night stay at the Walnut Beach Resort that we won at my work Christmas Party. Needless to say after a slightly stressful drive up (it’s snowing here in BC if you didn’t know and no it doesn’t snow all year long and we don’t live in igloos) and after some amazing massages at the spa were in no mood for exercise. Saturday was the same thing, a day spent relaxing and sipping wine, however we did go for a nice little walk along this cool island that jets out into the middle of the lake – beautiful and peaceful. How can you go and lift weights when your body and mind are so relaxed (I know, my justifications are amazing) Sunday came and went without exercise – 3 days with no sweat OMG!!!! Monday also came, with a runny nose, and alas, no exercise. Did I care? Ya a bit but I didn’t kick my own ass too much because beating up on yourself will bring forth the “Well if I took 4 days off I’m obviously a failure and shouldn’t bother” – if you took 4 days off to relax, clear your mind and enjoy your life I say all the more power to you, BUT you have to get back on the horse sometime and that horse loves to remind you of those 4 days off.

When I opened up the computer I thought the same thing – I haven’t blogged in, well, I don’t know when – crap! But I gotta get back on the horse (except this horse is much less of a jerk than the exercise horse) and here I am! Blogging about horses at 11:35pm while my nose is running away. 

Anyways – Tuesday morning I set my alarm for 5:35am (ungawdly hour, especially in winter) and got moving – I wrote out 3 triples sets of exercises and did eat triple set 3 times through for a total of 25 minutes – What did I do you ask? (Besides cried, whined and at the odd moment smiled)

Reverse Lunges x20

Barbell Curls x10 per side with 15lbs

V Crunches x10 per side

Drink water

Squats x20 with 10lbs

Tricep Kick backs x10 per side with 10lbs

Toe Touches x20 with 10lbs

Rest, drink water, change song on Ipod 5 times til it played something I liked

Sumo Squats x20 with 10lbs

Overhead press x10 with 20lb dumbells in each hand

Reptiles x20

Catch my breath and stretch and reflect on how much taking 4 days off sucks

As for taking a week or so off blogging – much easier to get back into, although I’m sure this random nonsense post may not seem like it

Does anyone else feel the pain of taking a few too many days off? Do you eat healthier on days when you know you can’t make it to the gym or do you oink out on nachos one night like I did?

Regardless, us gals at Sister Act Fitness appreciate your support

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xoxo Mel


One thought on “Is not blogging the same as not going to the gym?

  1. I definitely get into the same downward spiral after a few days off from the gym! And my eating habits don’t always make up for my lack of exercise 😦 Great job getting back into it! And blogging lol

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