Sweet Potato NOT-CHOS! Dairy Free!


Sweet Potato NOT-CHOS! Dairy Free!

First off please excuse the low-quality picture – I’m still using my Iphone 3GS because I was determined to use the phone for my entire 3 year contract. Well, the contract was up 3 months ago and needless to say my lazy ass still has this ridiculous dinosaur of a phone – stay tuned!

The other day I didn’t know what to eat before the gym but I know I wanted protein, carbs and some of my daiya dairy free mozzarella cheese – with the leftover burger we had in the fridge I made Sweet Potato Not-Chos! The trick to this recipe (besides paying more attention to the broiler so not to burn the chips – oops) was the epicure “chipster” I received for Christmas – this thing is the bomb! All you do is slide the sweet potato over this chipster and out come perfect chips – then you throw them on the Epicure chip cooker (a vented plastic stand) and into the microwave the chips go – after 3 minutes they come out crispy and tasty.
I then laid out the chips on the toaster oven tray, added the crumbled up leftover burger, added some cut up green olives and then added the daiya cheese. I put them under the broiler in the toaster oven for an unknown amount of time (maybe 6 minutes? as you can tell I wasn’t paying enough attention) obviously leave them in there until the cheese is melted.
Remove, top with some salsa and EAT!
This little meal was exactly what I needed to get through my workout


If you don’t have the chipster here’s a recipe I found for some slow roasted sweet potato chips


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