Be a better you than you were yesterday


Be a better you than you were yesterday

We as woman have to stop comparing ourselves to each other. We are all made equally. We are all beautiful in our own ways. We are all intelligent and strong in some way or another. We all have something to bring to the table. We all have passions that burn inside of us. We all have weaknesses that bring us to our knees. We may have a bigger butt than someone else but that’s irrelevant. We may have shorter legs than someone else but since when does leg length make us less of a person? The sooner we as woman begin to share the things we admire about each other and focus on building each other up the sooner we will see all women’s confidence levels begin to rise and petty comparisons decline. In turn we will begin to see the generations below us strive to be the strong women we are. Check your ego at the door and get your priorities straight if not for our own self assurances but for our daughters and nieces and the entire generation of girls growing up after us. The world they are being brought up in has a lot more value on physical appearance than it should and we have to teach them to be strong because nobody else will.


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