Chips and Dip – well, sort of


Chips and Dip - well, sort of

So as you probably know, eating healthy can be pretty boring. When I first went wheat/gluten free there was a ton of days where I just ate salads cause I thought “What else is there to eat”? Thank goodness years later I’ve managed to become what I think is a good cook (and the boyfriend agrees but he’s been bribed). I struggle a lot with eating enough carbohydrates, especially on tough work out days. You need carbohydrates and protein post-workout to restore your glycogen and help build muscle. As you know I love protein, at any given time there are eggs and cooked chicken in my fridge, however, there isn’t always readily available carbs. I’m working on this believe me.
So the other day when I got home from the gym (I had a scoop of vega protein smoothie in the car on the drive home) I whipped up this beauty.
I heated some coconut oil and added some chopped onion, once the onion became translucent I added the red pepper (a whole one) and some chicken that had already been cooked. Once the red pepper became tender I threw in some kalmata olives and some daiya cheese. I then served it (to myself) with some sweet potato chips (see previous post all about my chipster) and I have to say I was pretty damn full after this meal. I believe it’s important to eat until you are full but not stuffed. Try not to drink too much liquids with your meal as I’ve read it dilutes your digestive enzymes which increases your digestion time.
I’ll keep you posted on my battle with getting more carbs into my diet, this is something I’ve struggled with for a long time so baby steps must be taken



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