It doesn’t matter what you wear but you gotta get there!



I gotta say, every time I do a drop in workout at the local recreation centre by my Mom’s house I am always entertained. My Mom lives in a predominately senior citizen area. There’s a lot of senior homes nearby. Everything and everybody moves just a wee bit slower around here, I’ll admit though, I kind of like it, sometimes. Everyone rushes everything in life, sometimes its nice to slow down. 

Since the boyfriend is away (He’s a buddy’s plus 1 at a wedding in Mexico, he’s basking in the sun while I’m busy being reminded daily that I need new wiper blades on the car) I have been slumming at my sisters and Mom’s house which saves me the bridge toll which last month I spent $140 on – that’s effin ridiculous, I’m currently looking into purchasing a hovercraft or speed boat to avoid this toll bridge. Anyways back to my workout – so today I wanted to do legs, so I dropped in at the local pool/rec center and hopped on the bike to warm up. On the bike next to me was an older gentleman who immediately advised me the bike was the best place for him since he has emphysema from being a firefighter in Calgary and he also had to have his knee replaced last year. A lot of information to dump on a stranger but I’m used to it, these are friendly chatty seniors. After my warm up I hopped on the leg press machine, where clearly a buff senior had been since it was set on 180 pounds, I could maybe do 4 reps at that weight, maybe. While I rocked the leg press at 140 pounds I listened in on a conversation two other elderly gentlemen were having about Bob Marley “All his music sounds the same” said old guy #1 “I don’t know why people like him” old guys #2 replied. Ummmm… WHAAAAATTTTTT? Their mouths should be washed out with soap! Bob Marley is an amazing artist who did nothing but preach love and strength – one of my favourite quotes from him is “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him positively” Sister Act Fitness loves and supports Bob, so should they and so should you!

Anyways so after my appalling witness of two guys “opinion” I moved on to the smith machine for squats. In walked a woman who taught me something without me even having to speak to her (this was the whole point of the blog post today, sorry I do tend to get heavily side tracked) This woman was wearing an oversized plaid shirt, sweats and crocks (yes those plastic/foamy/holey shoes people wear for gardening or if you are my mom you wear them to take the dog outside to pee) I was fascinated by this oddly dressed woman and watched her out of the corner of my eye (It’s a small gym, didn’t want to be too creepy). She walked around aimlessly for a bit then settled on the bench press where she lifted and did a set of presses with just the bar. The bar is actually a little heavy but it’s doable. Then, as if to prove that crocks rule all, she put 70 pounds on the bar and started doing presses, with perfect form might I add. Proving that, it doesn’t matter what you wear to the gym as long as you get there and lift some stuff! I watched her a bit more while I finished up with my workout and this woman could lift! I’m impressed and am still happy the local little rec centre could come through with some good entertainment value.

Hope whatever you got up to this weekend you enjoyed being in the moment, took in your surroundings and learned something new,




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