Our First Outrigger Race of The Season


ImageMy friend and I decided to join an outrigger canoe team this year and we are really enjoying it. The weather has not been great in Vancouver so we haven’t had a lot of practices but the season kicked off yesterday with our first race. I am not going to lie, I have competed a lot in sports over the years but I still have this wonderful mixture of nervousness and excitement before an event. I barely slept the night before but a good cup of coffee( and possibly sharing an energy drink) may have remedied that. We made our way down to the race and it was wet and very cold, luckily we had a giant blanket to stay warm in. 🙂

Race time got near and we boarded our canoe, lucky me that I just happened to have a giant puddle under my seat so my feet were soaking wet. Our goal for this race was to not finish in last. Our boat is a mixture of three rookies and 3 experienced paddlers. My job for the race was to call the changes, which means tell people when to change the side that they are paddling on. I was kind of the quarterback of the team and I literally had to yell hut when it is time to change. My throat is a bit sore today. Anyways, we paddled 5 km in the rain with the ocean splashing on us and we ended up coming 3rd in the race but we beat all the other women’s teams. We were very happy with our finish.


I can’t wait to start practicing three times a week and doing my other gym workouts. Has anyone ever tried paddling before? Any tips for a newbie?

Here was my knee rehab workout today at the gym:

12 leg extensions (3 sets)- 50 pounds (light weights for now)

12 hamstring curls (3 sets)- 90 pounds

15 abductor (3 sets)-90 pounds

15 adductor (3 sets)-100 pounds

20 calve raises (6 sets)-70 pounds

20 minutes on the stationary bike. My surgeon told me no squats for now.

Sister Act Fitness wants to know how you spend your weekend being active? We want to hear from you!

Mo xo



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