My attempt at Paleo Banana Bread



(I got a new IPhone 5S – my food pictures will suck less now I hope!)

So I’m lucky enough to live with a man who loves everything I cook, everything. However, a man can only eat so much meat and vegetables. Unfortunately as much as I might excel at cooking, I suck at baking. It’s too precise for me and I like to be able to add a dash or this or a pinch of that and that does not fly in the baking world. In high school we were supposed to make muffins, we (being the silly short-attention spanned girls that we were or are?) used baking soda instead of baking powder (or vice versa) and needless to say we failed that project. I also recall making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies one day, but half way through making them I answered the phone – mistake. When I went back to the recipe I had thought I put all the required flour in, started mixing and threw the cookies in the oven. Half way through baking I see the unopened jar of peanut butter on the counter and upon removing my “cookies” from the oven I realize I had forgotten a cup of flour thus causing my “peanut butter chocolate chip cookies” to be more like peanut butter-less chocolate chip pizza. Get the point about the baking?

Recently I attempted some grain free (paleo) bacon chocolate chip cookies (mentioned here in this post ) and I’ll admit I burned the first batch – those of you who have cooked with almond flour know that failing any almond flour baking not only hurts your pride, it hurts your wallet. After making a few more batches of these bad boys they are now being requested on a weekly basis by friends and family. 

Now since I’ve worked up my confidence in the baking department ( I am also the master of this pizza crust recipe that we adore – seen here in this post ) I decided to make some banana bread as this is one of the boyfriends favourites. 

Elana’s Pantry is an amazing website for baked goods and rather all amazing meals along the gluten/grain/dairy free spectrum. So of course I had to make her banana bread (then add chocolate)

Here’s her recipe (haha yes that’s a link to a bunch of breads, if you make any of them please let me know how they taste since I’m sharing my banana bread story with you)

First of all I didn’t have palm shortening so there’s my first edit – I used ghee aka clarified butter – here’s a link to answer all your questions about ghee – I love it but I also still love butter shhhhhh. I also don’t have a food processor, I’m working on this as my blender is slowly dying and making me more and more angry. For the record, Something that angers you on a near daily basis should be removed from your life. So I made the recipe as stated using the pulse option on my blender, as I got close to adding the final amounts of almond flour the mix got fairly thick but the blender got it done. Now, I also didn’t have an actual bread loaf pan (yes, feel free to shake your head, I’m still a baking amateur) So I stuffed full size cupcake wrappers into a mini cupcake pan and scooped the batter in. With the remaining mix I took a square brownie pan and made a small thin cake with the remaining batter. I chopped up a dark chocolate sea salt bar (not paleo, not caring) and sprinkled the bits over the cakes and loaf. Needless to say I wasn’t planning on presenting this recipe to friends so I didn’t care in what form it came as long as it got baked. Because of the size of my little cupcakes and random loaf I only had to bake the tid bits for 25 minutes. As soon as they cooled slightly we slayed 3 cupcakes each – this paleo banana bread is amazing tasting and got the “tastes like regular banana bread” thumbs up from the boyfriend. My new cooking goal is to make something new once a week, whether it’s a new baking recipe or a new cooking recipe I need to venture out from my regular go to meals so I don’t get bored.

Do you have a recipe you recently tried for the first time that was delicious? We would love for you to share it with us on Facebook at Sister Act Fitness






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