Happy belated Earth Day


What did you do to celebrate Earth Day this year? Yesterday I went out paddling and spent an hour on the water. One of my favourite feelings is closing my eyes and feeling the movement of the boat across the water and hearing the sound of the paddle pushing through the water. It is an incredible moment to hear everyone’s paddles being in time with each other and the boat rocking in unison with 5 other people. It is an amazing way to feel connected and be working with others towards a goal. If your timing is off, the boat does not move well on the water.

On the weekend I also went out for my first couple hikes (more like trail walks) since I had my meniscus repaired. My knee did really well and I didn’t experience any pain. Hallelujah! I am getting geared up for the summer for hiking, running, paddling and paddle boarding. I love this place that we live! earth

Stay tuned for a transformation being featured on the blog! Want to see where Mel and I started from and where we are now in our fitness? It is a big change… Get excited about these really embarrassing photos.

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Mo xx


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