Camping is kind of like Christmas


What I mean is camping is similar to Christmas in that there’s food all around you, usually not great healthy choices and let’s be honest – What goes better with a box of wine and a camping chair in the middle of the woods then a bag of BBQ Lays? Exactly!
However a few years ago I realized that gone are the days of eating hot dogs and buns (mostly just the bun part) and bags of chips while crushing a case of beer around a campfire and not because I don’t love doing that (trust me I would if I could) but alas, buns and chips and beer 3 days in a row make me grumpy, bloated and just plain lame. Sigh. What’s a girl to do?
Well we know the inevitable when it comes to camping BOOZE and FOOD! So this year I’m still going to indulge but just in my favorite tummy friendly (mostly) foods.
We are leaving tomorrow morning to set out into the wilderness (well actually just off the highway outside of Hope but luckily the river is louder than the traffic) and I’ve got my trusty box of wine in tow. I also spent a few hours today getting some (somewhat) healthy food ready


From left to right
– BBQ Lays (as if those beauties needed an introduction)
– Rice Worx in Sweet Chilli
– Munchie Mix (cause you don’t make friends with salad and I think it’s fun to see what piece of the mix is everyone’s fave, I’m cheesies)
– Paleo Pizza Bread cut into cracker shapes and bread shapes to go with the
– Two Cans of tuna mixed with pickles and mayo (the intention here is to make sandwiches but I forsee me, drunk, hitting that with a spoon)
– Hot dogs (duh) hiding behind the bf’s all beef wieners are my cheddar hot dogs (which I ate a few of when I got home from buying all this shit cause I was starving and I have no willpower when it comes to cheesy things)
– Bounce Balls – little balls of protein and other yummy goodies
– Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – don’t leave home without it
– 2 big ziplock containers of cut up veggies – Mmmmm I’ll be eating these when I’m sober and still have a conscious
– 2 containers of rice pasta and a dressing – the bf’s notorious pasta salad mix 🙂
– A couple of dips for the veggies or chips or hot dogs let’s see where this goes
– Gluten free buns that were delivered to the house c/o Spud
– Raspberries and Apples to go with breakfast which is hard boiled eggs that I forgot to take out for the picture (sorry guys)

Not pictured here cause I forgot to buy them in my starving cheddar hot dog craving stupor are Steaks! Nothing beats a good camping steak!

I’m looking forward to fueling my relaxation (and drinking games) with some yummy food and hopefully can keep control on my chip consumption 🙂

Will keep you posted how it goes – wish me luck!!!


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