Gluten Free not for Me


Have you ever heard people say that going gluten free is unhealthy?
This statement is far too general for my liking however I slightly agree to a degree (haha that rhymes)

Here’s how one could be an unhealthy gluten free eater:
Breakfast – Gluten free granola bar and some fruit
Snack – gluten free crackers and cheese
Lunch – Salad with creamy dressing
Snack – apple and peanut butter
Dinner – gluten free pasta with marinara sauce

Problem – too many “gluten free” starches/grains and lack of vegetables. Unless you are highly active these “gluten free” products will only break down into sugar which in time will turn to fat. A lot of these products use a lot of different (and unpronounceable) ingredients to duplicate that wheat-like taste. Gluten free doesn’t mean healthy and to be honest if you are trying to lose weight the only time you should be using pantry products marked “gluten free” is when you feel like having a treat or are having a mean craving. Rice pasta is still pasta.

Here’s how a healthy gluten free diet would look:
Breakfast: Half cup blueberries, scrambled eggs with veggies and some sweet potato hash browns
Snack: Apple and almond butter (or sunflower seed butter aka sunbutter it’s amazeballs, trust me)
Lunch: Salad with lots of protein, veggies, olive oil and balsamic or lemon juice
Snack: red pepper and cucumber slices
Dinner: baked salmon, steamed asparagus and a side salad.

Almost everything for the healthier gluten free diet is kept in the fridge – healthy food goes bad, this is what keeps me eating it cause the saddest thing in the world to me is throwing out food. Note the high fruit and veggie intake – these, combined with high protein, will keep you fuller longer. If you are trying to trim up eat less fruit. A steady intake like this will keep your blood sugar levels stable and keep you from running that moron beside you on the freeway off the road in a fit of hanger! Grrrrr!

Anyways this rant is based on the fact that we went out for lunch YESTERDAY and I had gluten free pizza made with rice flour (we normally make a grain free pizza at home) and I am still patiently waiting to poop 😦
So take a good look at those gluten free options, my advice is if the ingredients list is more than 2 or 3 items skip it as it may be just as equally complex for your stomach to break down as regular wheat products. Google some gluten/grain free recipes and pick ones with minimal ingredients. It will surprise you how simple they are to make, how close they taste to the real thing and how easy they are on your wallet.

So in short a gluten free lifestyle is healthy and linked to decreases in diabetes, increase in energy and mental clarity as well as weight loss, but look to your fridge and not your pantry to fill the voids that gluten may have left


Ps – if you are ever craving good gluten free pizza (and you earned it with a good sweat that day) check out 8 1/2 on Main Street – they source all their food local, have no deep fryers, microwaves or cooking gases. Their food is delicious and well priced – we love this place.


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