A Different Kind of Date Night


So lately (with our goals in mind) the bf and I have changed our date nights up a bit. We have cut back on heading downtown for drinks and appies and instead started doing a workout together, followed by throwing something on the grill and enjoying dinner and a couple drinks in our backyard.
Joe’s been doing P90X (he’s done it in the past and it works well for him) so I just do the next workout in the series with him – except the other night he was due to do the push-ups and pull-ups – I said eff that! First off, as previously stated, I hate push-ups but I’ve put them in my workouts more lately cause I want to be able to do 20 without going onto my knees (everyone needs goals). But this workout was ONLY push-ups and pull ups – gross!!!!! We decided he would do that one a different night do we did the Dynamix one together. We went for a quick jog (soccer season is approaching and I haven’t run at all) then settled (or sprawled) all over the kitchen for this workout. I would suggest this workout for anyone who plays sports – it’s like a dynamic stretching workout and we felt limber and pain free after! We slept like babies that night!
After we put a couple of sirloins on the BBQ, wrapped some asparagus in tinfoil and threw that on then settled in with a beer and glass of wine.
All in all it’s been better on our waist lines and wallets by changing things up a bit and with this weather we have been having it’s so nice to sit outside and relax.
Do your date nights reflect your goals? It’s nice to treat yourself but do you earn your treats?

We would love to hear from you!

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