Strengthening my Will Power


Do you have an exercise you know you aren’t great at? Mine (as clearly previously stated) are push-ups. Now I can do about 8 in a row before swearing (yes 8 in still low but I didn’t say that I stop there). Anyways, now that I’m the best push upper in the world there’s a new weakness I need to strengthen – my Will power! You know how stupid fit people say “Everything in moderation” I say screw that! Cause if I was to eat just a small bit of popcorn here or a couple glasses of wine there I would be obese and that’s because I’m a social person, meaning you can rarely hide from temptation! On any given day I have the following things hanging around me – pop, chips, donuts, samosas, hot chocolate, chips (I mentioned those already but they are my favorite). So I’ve adopted the rule “Don’t even have one”! Lord knows once a salty chip hits my tongue it’s game over on that bowl of chips.
So last night in a test to strengthen said will power we took my Dad to go see that new Tom Cruise movie. Now if you are like me and dislike the Scientology midget then the idea of him coming back to life every time he dies may deter you from this flick, however, it was actually pretty good for a Sci-fi. Sorry – I’ll focus – WILLPOWER! I was dead effin set on not have any popcorn or pop or candy (especially considered I had not one but 2 – 3 hours apart might I add – costco Kirkland wieners at a whopping 360 calories a piece earlier that day). So we sit down in the theatre, everyone had a pop but me (although I snuck a couple of sips of Mo’s diet coke dammit) there’s two large bags of popcorn (one with butter mmmm, one without, gross) crossing in front of me every 5 minutes. I thought I was going to lose my shit – but I didn’t. After the movie we went for a bite to eat at Earls where I had a beet salad and watched my step mom eat a margarita pizza and my dad eat sweet chilli chicken (I was drooling) but although offered I didn’t touch either of those! Fewf! It’s no longer worth it to me, I need to pick my battles and if I was to indulge it’s going to be on something more satisfying that some 3 hour old popcorn and deep fried sweet yummy chicken (gawd that one was hard? I’m thinking a two piece bathing suit by the time I hit Mexico in November sounds pretty satisfying to me.

I’ll let you know how working this new “muscle” goes – wish me luck!



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