GIVE UP/TAKE UP for July!!!!


Wowza our apologies we dropped the ball the last couple months on our Give Up Take Up Challenge! I’ve never been good at juggling anyways 😉

I can happily say the previous month challenges have helped me create some good habits that have stuck (95% of the time). I have stopped biting my nails and am proud of how long they are (which is still short but long for me), I don’t eat (95% of the time) after 8pm, I’ve done a bit of yoga and continued with my stretches before bed. I’ve also (almost) eliminated dairy from my diet but I have to say I still struggle with this since having quite a, what I like to call, “inflexible” diet I would rather indulge in some cheese then hurt my insides with a plate of pasta and let’s face it, dairy alternatives are kind of gross.

As for July my Give Up is gonna be a toughy and one I’ve struggled with for years – I’m giving up negative self talk. No more calling myself names or looking at myself in anything less than a beautiful way.
To correspond with my Give Up I will be taking up one positive personal
every morning. I have a feeling this will start with me flexing my right arm in the mirror and saying “That’s one nice baby bicep you got there” but hey that’s a start. Do you compliment other people but don’t compliment yourself? You should put as much effort into praising yourself as you do others, maybe even more! Self love reflects into everything you do, remember that.

Anyways we would love to know if any of your give up/take up attempts have created long term habits??? Please share with us what your Give Up/Take Ups will be for the month of July and make sure to be realistic! Notice I didn’t say I will be giving up wine in July cause you and I both know I would fail miserably, nobody should set themselves up for failure like that!

Lots of love and look forward to hearing from everyone,


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