My Summer List


Well I just got home from an awesome week in the Okanagan. The week was filled with sunshine and lots of time at the beach. Unfortunately it was also filled with a lot of junk food and hitting the drive thru. For July I decided to give up fast food and take up yoga twice a week. I failed to do either for my first week. After about the third day we gave up on cooking breakfast at our campsite and ended up rotating between a couple favourite fast food joints. So I started no fast food with a fresh slate on Monday and incorporating some yoga. I did manage to get in some runs and a couple mini hikes with some friends. Here are some pictures from some of my active moments. camping hike

Chasing around a 2 year old for a couple hours was definitely the most exercise I got all week. This explains why this incredible woman is so fit already! cutie pie

Then we managed to ride bikes into downtown Kelowna to watch live music. I loved it! I normally hate riding bikes with a passion but this one had a basket so it was pretty fricken awesome! bikes

Tonight was a good wake up call because we had an intense paddling practice and I felt every muscle in my back hurting from the lack of working them. So I am re energized and ready to work hard. Summer ends up being so busy for me so here are some of the things I want to accomplish by the end of August:
– 2 new hikes I haven’t done before
– Cooking 3 new healthy meals and posting them on our blog
– Hitting some balls at the driving range
– Making a healthy picnic for friends and taking it to the beach with friends and throwing the football and Frisbee around.

What is on your list to do this summer? Those are some of the things on my list to help stay fit this summer. Mel and I want to hear from you!!

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