The Joy of Hiking


Happy Thursday everyone! I shared before how much I enjoy doing different workouts during the summer and I tend to stay away from the gym during the nice weather. My workouts this week have consisted of paddling, paddle boarding, hiking and some interval training at home. I love getting outside and hiking is an amazing way to enjoy nature with friends. The summer tends to get expensive and hiking is a fun way to spend a few hours with friends and be active. Are you concerned about your fitness level? This incredible website shows all the beautiful hikes in the Lower Mainland and tells the difficulty of each hike. I have crossed a few off of my list to do this summer. Mel and I are going to tackle St. Mark’s Summit this weekend.

A couple friends and I completed Eagle Bluff on the weekend and the views were spectacular! The trail was well marked and easy to manage in runners. I have managed to avoid purchasing hiking boots so far this year but I think that will be on my list for the fall. I am generally a cheap person but last time I borrowed our Mom’s boots and I lost two toe nails. It took them awhile to grow back and I got a little sick of painting the skin where my toe nails should be so… awkward. If anyone wants to surprise me with a pedicure then I won’t object… Anyone?

Anyways, check out some of my photos from our hike last weekend and wish Mel and I luck in tackling St. Mark’s Summit this weekend. How are you keeping fit this summer? We want to hear from you??

adamandI Eagle's Bluff duckface

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