My Carb Nite Solution Update!


Wow this update is amazingly overdue! I’ll admit I was busy watching The Good Wife and enjoying the rest of my summer. We were on Galiano Island this past weekend for a beautiful wedding. It was so nice to visit with long time friends of mine and spend some time with their little minions 🙂

So I am 7 weeks into the Carb Nite Solution diet. If you didn’t read my original post on what this diet entails here’s the link:

So in 7 weeks I am down 1.5 inches in my waist (yes Im sadistic and measure my lower belly), down 1.5 inches (carrying on with the sadistic theme I measure the chubby part of my hips) and down an inch in my butt. These aren’t massive results and most of them were made during the first 10 day “reorientation” but I’ve had a couple set backs.

As for weight (which I must specify this is not a weight loss diet but a FAT loss diet so they stress to not judge your progress by the scale but come on who doesn’t like to see that stupid number go down) I am down 6 pounds. So I guess on average that’s almost a pound a week. 

As for body fat percentage I have no clue, my scale (a ghetto walmart purchase) says I’m down a half percent but who ever trusted a ghetto scale?

Now considering I’ve previously done the HCG diet where I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks the idea of 6 pounds in 6 weeks feels slow, however, compared to the HCG diet (500 calories a day, no carbs, no fat) I must say – I friggin love this diet! I’m advised to eat steak whenever I want – who wouldn’t love that! I eat meat and butter and veggies (around 1700-1900 calories/day) and once a week I get to have a nice night out where I have consumed such things as gummy bears, sweet potatoes, fruit, gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta, sushi, chips, poutine, cheesecake and my personal favourite from The Vault restaurant in Cloverdale ( peanut butter pie! The BF also loves me on this diet as we have our yummy date nights back 🙂

When I started the diet I was spacing my carb nites out once per week, unfortunately the last 3 weeks when I weigh myself the morning of my carb nite (only weigh once a week) I have not lost anything from the week prior – again the scale is a game, a mental one at that, just cause the number is the same doesn’t mean my body isn’t changing, however, I’m going to shoot for atleast 10 days between carb nites from here on in.

A couple of downfalls to the diet, atleast for me and yes I am perfectly capable of correcting them – the first month I went ape sh*t on cheese. As most of our avid followers know Mel + Cheese = Sinus Cold Death and sure enough two weeks ago (the day before I started my new job to be exact) I came down with a brutal headcold, I must say one of the worst colds I have had in years – my head felt like it was going to explode, my nose wouldn’t stop running and I was coughing up inhumane junk. Needless to say it was a great first impression for my coworkers. Soooooooo I cut back hard on the dairy as soon as I got sick and luckily I was only dying for a week. I’ll admit I’ve dabbled a bit in the cheese world since I’ve recovered but that will end Saturday morning (we are taking jalapeno poppers to a party tomorrow night – don’t judge). The problem with eating high fat, low carb is its hard to get in all your daily calories with just protein alone, without dairy my fats are limited to coconut and olive oil, however, I don’t seem to have an issue with butter and yes I may have melted butter on my steak the other night – nananana boo boo. My other complaint would be the lack of options when it comes to vegetables due to trying to keep your carb count under 30g per day (it is 30g after fibre has been subtracted though so you don’t have to go without) but I do miss the quantity of vegetables I used to eat. This week I’ve been trying to incorporate more veggies 🙂

So I slipped a bit – now before you roll your eyes know that I went a whopping 6 weeks without falling off the wagon on this diet, ask my sister this is no small feat considering I rarely make it past the 3 week point on any commitment of this magnitude – I kept my carbs to one night per week even though the days after carb nite I’m effing starving!!!!!!!! BUT I’m human and I’m hungry and this past weekend at the aforementioned wedding I ate like a fat kid who broke out of diet camp, and I loved every minute of it! I drank two bottles of wine (later deemed grape juice since I didn’t feel drunk but once you see the food I consumed you will understand the wine didn’t stand a chance), ate a big bag of popcorn, ate a ton of salads, pork, and salmon. I went to town on the candy buffet table set up at the wedding and polished the night off with two cupcakes (mini ones, carrot cake and cookies n cream, they were amazing) and incase that didn’t seem like enough I slightly recall eating two smokies at around midnight. I went to bed with a belly resembling a 6 month pregnant women and I was beyond content. The next day I was back on the low carb train immediately, however, despite my best efforts and keeping that whole day low carb/high fat I begged the BF to take me for a dairy queen blizzard before I hopped back on the diet train.

So where I am now, this morning (2 and a half days after my hard fall off the wagon) i’m only up a pound from my pre-wedding weight – psssshhhhh, one measly pound, I got this! The final traces of bloat are gone and my work outs are back on track – needless to say I’m recovering nicely and look forward to the next couple months of this intriguing solution to my battle with fat 🙂



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