Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers – YES PLEASE!


Mel here! So if you follow us on Instagram (or follow me) you will see I’ve had a recent flux in my jalapeno popper consumption. I’ll admit right now – I LOVE these things – the jalapenos roast so nicely making them tasty and not so spicy. When I’ve found I’ve eaten a lot of protein in the last few days and need to eat something with higher fat these are my go-tos! (And the bf loves them too duh)

I wanted to share the original recipe that I used and how I modified it a bit.

The original recipe can be found here:

When I made them I found one thing fairly obvious right away – DO NOT PRECOOK THE BACON! It becomes smaller and loses its elasticity and therefore does not wrap around the jalapeno causing me to have to lay the bacon on top (see photo below). Cut the uncooked bacon pieces in half and wrap a half a piece around each popper. Keep an eye on them in the oven you will have to cook them a bit longer than this recipe states – make sure to use the broiler at the end to crispy up the bacon and get the extra roasted taste of the jalaps.

If you don’t have salsa verde don’t stress, I used regular salsa (you know that rarely used jar that everyone has in the fridge – make sure it doesn’t have a layer of blue mold on it before you start cooking!)

I used herb and garlic cream cheese because, well let’s face it, herb and garlic cream cheese trumps regular cream cheese!

You can also skip the salsa and added cheese and just put your cream cheese of choice in the jalapeno then wrap them up – heck you could even skip the bacon if you are vegetarian! If you are vegan you could try using Daiya’s cream cheese products in this recipe (I would love to hear how those turn out!)

I suggest eating these in front of an episode of the Good Wife in your pajamas with a glass of wine because life should be awesome like that!


FYI The picture at the top on the baking tray was a batch I made to take to a party. Those buggers sat on my lap for 45 minutes on the drive to the party, I literally had to keep my oven mitts on in the car to keep from eating them all!

Yes you are seeing that correctly – in an act of sheer craziness I put poppers on top of a lettuce burger – it was mind bogglingly (holy crap that’s actually a word?) delicious !!!!!

Please let me know if you try out this recipe and if you love them as much as me!!!!!! I may be partial but I think these trump the deep fried/breaded poppers you get at restaurants 😉



Disclaimer: “But Mel, all those saturated fats! Aren’t you going to die?” (dramatic I know)  Relax, we only have these once every week or two, I lift weights 5 times a week, am losing inches and losing weight and feel pretty damn good. Saturated fat is not going to kill me but I’m happy to discuss why your multigrain cheerios might be killing you in person sometime 🙂

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