Stress makes you fat period – so hit the tub!



So I recently got a bit of a reality cheque with my workout regime – apparently my adrenals aren’t quite healed enough for me to throw down 5 – hour long high intensity/weights workouts. (Read about my initial diagnosis of this crappy hormone imbalance here: I’m sad because I felt awesome doing these shortcut to shred workouts!!! Pouring sweat and seeing results quickly but after 3 weeks I was having a hard time sleeping, I was becoming irritable (yes this is a normal Mel characteristic but it was worse), getting dizzy a lot and my quads were aching from about an hour after my workout until the next morning. I also noticed I wasn’t losing weight and some days I was gaining it. So what do I do? Same thing I’ve done for the past ten years when I hit a road block – throw in the towel and eat everything!!! This weekend alone i drank copious amounts of wine and scorfed candy, had some disappointing Chinese food and to make up for that I had a big bowl of gluten free Mac n cheese (the kraft powder with GF penne) it was delicious! I’ll admit after resting up a bit this week and dropping my workouts down to some 20 minutes hiit and some short but sweet heavy weight lifting I feel MUCH better, my happy energy has returned and I laid out a good (and achievable) workout plan for the week 🙂 I did a big food prep last night and was happy to have some different food in the house. I’ve also had a couple of Epsom salt baths each week to wind down and give my muscles some much needed magnesium 🙂
I guess the point of this post is you can follow whatever workout plan you want but listen to your body – sometimes the messages will come in the form of a headache, bad sleep or a grouchy mood and you should listen and be thankful cause you can correct those symptoms a lot easier than a sprained ankle, ruptured achilles (yes I’m still nursing my sore one) or even worse injuries that I’m not going to name cause I’m not putting that thought out there.

Interested in seeing my workout plan for the week (and yes I did my sprints this morning and back/chest and abs after work today) check us out on Instagram @sisteractfitness

Good news! I’ve begun a course for certification in sports nutrition if anyone is interested in being my guinea pig (while it’s free) email us at

Xoxoxo Mel


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