It’s official – I have scale Over-Confidence!


So I was reading about the Burner Blueprint – a cyclical ketogenic diet designed by the supplement guru’s at Athletic Alliance (very similar to the carb nite solution diet I am happily back on after my holiday hiatus) and a portion of the article really stood out to me:

“Do not check them (measurements and scale) more than once a week, as there is a lot of fluctuation in between that can either discourage you or make you over confident” – Over confident? How does that work? And all of a sudden life made sense to me – I have never thought about it before but I suffer from scale over confidence!

It’s easy to work hard when you step on the scale and see a number much higher than you want to be but I’m guilty of stepping on the scale and seeing it moving in the right direction (down obviously) and using my obvious success to justify having a little bite of this chocolate or a little nibble of those chips. Scale over-confidence can lead to self-sabotage!

Since I read this startling diagnosis I have immediately squashed the idea of it – today I stepped on the scale and am down 4 pounds since Thursday (4 inflammation food caused pounds not really fat pounds) and instead of thinking “Hell ya! I rule!” I said to myself “that’s good, you’re doing the right things but you aren’t where you want to be yet” and then I ate some eggs and felt sad. Just kidding – but I did eat eggs 🙂

Don’t let your scale sabotage your progress whether it be up or down. There’s no measurement for all the good changes going on inside and the scale is definitely not the best judge of progress.

Some of my favorite measurements of progress are:

Measuring tape! Are you losing inches?

How do you feel? More energy? That’s good!

How does your skin look? Clearer? Brighter? Good!

How does your mind feel? Quicker and Clearer? Good!


These are all ways to measure if what you are doing is working for you so don’t rely on a stupid bathroom scale to judge you or your worth for that matter 🙂


This has been your random thought of the month,



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2 thoughts on “It’s official – I have scale Over-Confidence!

  1. Reblogged this on Journey-for-Control and commented:
    What a great post! This is sage advice! I am new to LCHF dieting. but as soon as I peed on my stick tonight and found it turning pink for the first time, I celebrated by taking a sip of that glorious green can of Mt Dew. yes, it was just a sip. My kids are as addicted to the stuff as I am, but, I celebrated my ketosis by taking sip of sugar!! What was I thinking? It really is my favorite drink in the whole world, but, I have worked hard at getting myself off the stuff and finally getting into ketosis, why would I sabotage it, or even risk sabotaging it for one mouthful of sugar? Yes, there will be cheats along the way, no one says you can never, ever have sugar again, but geez, one pink stick and I think its time to celebrate with sugar?! I am glad to see this post at just the right time!

    • We are right there with you! We need to retrain how we celebrate! Next time you are in ketosis try doing a happy dance with your kids or buying a new lipstick! We have to find ways to congratulate ourselves (which is good as we are working hard) with something other than treats! Great hearing from you and we are glad you liked the post 🙂

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