This I beg of you!


Gonna try something a little different on here once in a while because, hey, nobody likes to be bored.

This will be the first of hopefully many editions of “This I beg of you” – basically just a random thought from my head that I hope places a new thought in yours.


I was recently driving home and a Chevelle song came up on my ipod that I normally skip, I don’t know why I normally skip it maybe the beginning of the song doesn’t appeal to me but wholy heck did I love the middle and end of the song. The song was on an album I bought a few years ago on itunes and it kind of saddened me that I hadn’t given the song enough of a chance. Then I thought “I wonder how many people just buy song singles off of itunes (or download them) and never give the rest of the artists’ hard work a chance”. This made me even more concerned. In a world where all we do is consume and consume it’s sad to think that musicians who pour their hearts and souls into their work are not only not given the chance to move you with the music that isn’t played on the radio, sadly they don’t even get paid for the music you do listen to.

So this I beg of you – When an artist puts out an album spend the $10-$14 and play it when you drive, give each and every song a chance to touch on your heart strings or make you think of a fun moment in your life.

Thanks for your time,




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