It is Safe to Say that I Will Never be a Ballerina


I hung up my tutu, leotard and dance shoes at the young age of 8 and it is safe to say that I should have left my dreams of being a ballerina there. However, for a quick delusional moment, I forgot about hours spent practicing my plies around the house as a young child and I signed up for a barre class with my coworker.

Barre class is a really interesting new class that combines pilates with traditional ballet moves at the barre. Who doesn’t want the legs of a trained dancer? Especially when you have the legs of a soccer player with multiple knee injuries and Hawaiian genetics. (Have you seen the movie Lilo and Stitch?) Yeah, thanks Dad! So I thought this class sounded perfect for me because it was low impact and would work on shaping those legs. I got into the class for awhile but my delusions of ballet fame were dashed when I would catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and be reminded of my lack of grace and rhythm (don’t worry this does not hurt my very stable self-esteem).

I am so envious of my friends and sister for their natural dance abilities. Our Grandma, affectionately called tutu which means grandma in Hawaiian, was a dancer. It skipped my genetics for some reason. Thankfully my parents put me in soccer and that was a better fit for me.

The class itself was fun but not the right fit for me. It is a great class for people who enjoy dance a bit more then I do. I was stuck with traumatic flashbacks of being a Seabird in our childhood dance studio’s presentation of the Little Mermaid. Mel will tell you endless stories of trying to teach me the moves to Backstreet Boy’s… Everybody, rock your body… yep, I still can’t do those cool moves. The point is to get out and try something new! You never know, you may fall in love with a new workout or you may be able to get an extra abdominal workout from laughing really hard at yourself. I think I will stick to my weights, paddling and stairs for now.


Thanks for reading!

xx Mo

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