24 down and 24 to go! Spotlight on our friend Marie


Hey friends! We here at SAF (Sister Act Fitness duh) are well aware that not every way of eating works for every person – vegan, paleo, low carb, high carb, gluten free, vegetarian, whatever!!! If something works for you, you see results, you are becoming happier and healthier then all the power to you. We are not here to judge and we are not health gurus by any means. We want to bring together a community of people working towards a general goal of living life to its best, in the healthiest, most energized, happiest forms of ourselves. So please share with us if something works for you! Maybe you have begun doing yoga twice and week and you notice it helps with insomnia, that’s fabulous news that we want to share with everyone else so it may benefit someone with the same problem! 

So in the spirit of sharing I was anxious to share how our friend Marie is rocking it!!!! 

So what made u want to make a positive lifestyle change? 

My clothes were not fitting anymore and I wanted my confidence back. I plan on being a mom one day and would love to be in amazing shape for my future children to live a long and happy life with them

What are some of the things that are working for you?  

I have taken 90% of the sugar out of my life along with the excess carbs (potatoes, rice and bread). I focus on cardio at the gym and do exercises at home every night. I work 2 jobs, my second being a server, so the constant moving around helps as well.

What positive difference did u notice first? 

My love handles diminishing 🙂
What was the hardest part of the process? 

Cutting out my bad habits. Especially bread. Didn’t realize how much of it I ate until it was removed from my life
What’s your favorite indulgence?

Popcorn on a Sunday night watching a movie winding down from the week

What’s your next goal? 

Another 24 pounds down!!!!!
 This is Marie a little while back  
This is Marie in a size MEDIUM and she’s rocking it! Way to go Marie thanks for sharing!! 





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