Keto Breakfast and Lunch 


Ever wonder what a keto work day looks like? This is what I consume on an average day at work. Now as most of you know I carb feed once a week (read about my way of eating here: ) , I cut my gym training down a bit in an effort to correct my adrenal fatigue/hormone inbalance. This way of eating has worked well as I find it easy to stick with and although you would think eating whatever you want once a week is exciting, sometimes I don’t even want to cause I’m enjoying my flatter stomach more! The above picture is my food for work tomorrow. Before I leave the house I’ve been having a glass of warm water with a tbsp of apple cider vinegar. APV was suggested by my acupuncturist and I’m thankful for it, it’s appearing to help my digestion and is a quick cure for heartburn. Once I get to work I have my tablespoon of coconut oil melted in a cup of tea (or sometimes coffee) with a couple drops of liquid alcohol free stevia (I use the NOW brand). Coconut oil has been proven to increase energy and help your brain shift from its normal carb/glucose burning function for energy to burning fat/ketones for energy 🙂 YES PLEASE! I can usually coast from my coconut oil tea until about 9-10am when I would eat the pictured eggs and chicken thighs. Some people consider this a bit of a morning fast but I’m just considering it not forcing myself to eat at 7am when I’m not hungry. This way of eating has taught me that we burn fat in the mornings and carbs are known to stop that fat burning process as soon as they are consumed. This may be fascinating to those who eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday!!!! I dare you to swap your oatmeal for eggs and see if the scale budges! Or see if your energy doesn’t dip mid-morning 😉 Around 1pm I have lunch – tomorrow it’s tuna mixed with mayo over spinach with olives and artichoke hearts Mmmmmm. Overall the above food is approx 100g of protein, 80g of fat and approx 12g of carbs. I eat between 1800-2000 calories a day and am averaging a 0.3-1.0 pound loss per week. I’m still enjoying this way of eating and look forward to seeing more steady (yes slow and steady but a little patience never hurt anyone) results 🙂

Interested in a bit more information on Ketosis?

Interested in the exact way of eating I follow? Check out

Want to calculate what your macros would look like if you tried a keto diet?

Let me know if you try it and of course let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Xoxo Mel

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This I beg of you!


Gonna try something a little different on here once in a while because, hey, nobody likes to be bored.

This will be the first of hopefully many editions of “This I beg of you” – basically just a random thought from my head that I hope places a new thought in yours.


I was recently driving home and a Chevelle song came up on my ipod that I normally skip, I don’t know why I normally skip it maybe the beginning of the song doesn’t appeal to me but wholy heck did I love the middle and end of the song. The song was on an album I bought a few years ago on itunes and it kind of saddened me that I hadn’t given the song enough of a chance. Then I thought “I wonder how many people just buy song singles off of itunes (or download them) and never give the rest of the artists’ hard work a chance”. This made me even more concerned. In a world where all we do is consume and consume it’s sad to think that musicians who pour their hearts and souls into their work are not only not given the chance to move you with the music that isn’t played on the radio, sadly they don’t even get paid for the music you do listen to.

So this I beg of you – When an artist puts out an album spend the $10-$14 and play it when you drive, give each and every song a chance to touch on your heart strings or make you think of a fun moment in your life.

Thanks for your time,



Kicked my ASS!!!



This is a little challenge for you guys!!! I tried to do this HIIT workout after work today and it kicked my ass. I managed to get 3 rounds done in 17 minutes with a 2 minute rest between rounds. Woof! That’s about all I can say! Going from burpees to squats was the hardest thing! If you are up for the challenge we would love to hear how many rounds your legs (or better yet how many rounds your mind let you do) and how long it took 🙂

Bring on 30!


Happy birthday to me! As your read this, picture me sitting in Brazil relaxing on the beach after an early morning surf and spending some time reflecting on the past year.

29 was interesting. It was a year full of ups and downs and a lot of it I would rather not reflect on. However, there were some huge positives that happened for me this year. I met a lot of wonderful new people, strengthened many of my relationships, had some new opportunities at work and continued with my healthy lifestyle. There were many highlights this year but I am definitely excited about turning 30 today and embracing what is to next to come.

Last year I set some goals for my last year of my 20’s and here is how I did on them:

1. Travel to a different country- I am currently in Brazil with one of my best friends to celebrate our 30th birthdays. We are taking in as much culture, sunshine and waves as possible.

2. Get my body as strong as possible before my second knee surgery: I accomplished this goal but did not get my 6 pack this year. I will have to keep that one on the list for next year.

3. White water rafting- did not accomplish this goal yet but who knows what will happen on this trip while in Brazil.

4. Have 100 followers for our blog: We passed our goal of having 100 followers for our blog, from all over the world and that number continues to climb.

I want to say a big thank you for all the people in my life that showered me with love and support this year. You will never know how much that call, text, hug, cuddle, cry, drink, food and talk meant to me. I have the best people in my life and feel incredible thankful for each and every one of you. You have given me the gift of compassion, patience, gentleness, grace, positivity, humility, understanding and unconditional love. My goal for 30 is to be the kind of friend that each of you have been to me. Bring on 30!


Staying Healthy on Vacation


1/2 of Sister Act Fitness, Mo, is off to Brazil tomorrow. I am so excited about spending my 30th birthday with my toes in the sand and trying to remember how to surf.  I love to travel but travelling can be hard on you physically. Here are some tips I have learned over the years to keep healthy while on vacation.

1. Drink water: it is always recommended to drink water every day but you want to be aware of continuing your water intake while flying and upon arrival. Our travel time, including lay overs, is about 20 hours to Brazil. It is really important to keep hydrated to help curb off any jet lag that may occur. The water may also help to offset some of the dehydration from the beers consumed in the Air Canada lounge…. just saying.

2. Move as much as possible: vacations are meant for relaxation but relaxation doesn’t mean just sitting in a chair or laying on your towel all day. Get up and explore the city you are in, the beach you are laying on or do a quick workout. You can save quite a bit of money on transportation if you walk. Think about all the little hidden gems you may come across while walking.  It will also help to eliminate jet lag and sleep better at night.

3. Try something new: ever wanted to surf, kite board, sand board, try a yoga class, hike, scuba dive, etc.? Vacations are a great time to try something new because you are already outside of your comfort zone. When I went to Costa Rica we went to a surf and yoga camp and it was amazing! Not only did we engage in about 3 hours of physical activity daily, we ate healthy and slept great. The instruction was great and my body felt amazing at the end of the week. Don’t worry if you aren’t going to be the next pro surfer or you can’t even get up on your board! You will at least have some good laughs and some great stories to come home with.

4. Eat your fruits and veggies: just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean that you should pig out at every meal. Look for balanced meals that include fruit and vegetables. If you are travelling on a budget then these are always easy and cheap to pick up from the store. You may also find some new things you have never tried before.  Vacations should be a time to rejuvenate your body and come home feeling as healthy and relaxed as possible.

5. Curb stress: I am a planner and sometimes find it difficult while on vacation to relax and enjoy the current moment I am in. This vacation I am choosing to do my best to relax and let go. We are going to try to spend a few nights in each spot and not rush to see EVERYTHING in Brazil. The focus of this vacation is to enjoy as much down time in the sunshine and surf. Another thing we are doing to curb stress is to take internal flights instead of long bus trips. The flight only costs about $25 more and saves us about 16 hours of time. That is a lot of extra beach time!

What are your tips and techniques for staying healthy while on vacation. Sister Act Fitness wants to hear from you!

Mo xx

PS here is a good article on Jet lag:

It’s official – I have scale Over-Confidence!


So I was reading about the Burner Blueprint – a cyclical ketogenic diet designed by the supplement guru’s at Athletic Alliance (very similar to the carb nite solution diet I am happily back on after my holiday hiatus) and a portion of the article really stood out to me:

“Do not check them (measurements and scale) more than once a week, as there is a lot of fluctuation in between that can either discourage you or make you over confident” – Over confident? How does that work? And all of a sudden life made sense to me – I have never thought about it before but I suffer from scale over confidence!

It’s easy to work hard when you step on the scale and see a number much higher than you want to be but I’m guilty of stepping on the scale and seeing it moving in the right direction (down obviously) and using my obvious success to justify having a little bite of this chocolate or a little nibble of those chips. Scale over-confidence can lead to self-sabotage!

Since I read this startling diagnosis I have immediately squashed the idea of it – today I stepped on the scale and am down 4 pounds since Thursday (4 inflammation food caused pounds not really fat pounds) and instead of thinking “Hell ya! I rule!” I said to myself “that’s good, you’re doing the right things but you aren’t where you want to be yet” and then I ate some eggs and felt sad. Just kidding – but I did eat eggs 🙂

Don’t let your scale sabotage your progress whether it be up or down. There’s no measurement for all the good changes going on inside and the scale is definitely not the best judge of progress.

Some of my favorite measurements of progress are:

Measuring tape! Are you losing inches?

How do you feel? More energy? That’s good!

How does your skin look? Clearer? Brighter? Good!

How does your mind feel? Quicker and Clearer? Good!


These are all ways to measure if what you are doing is working for you so don’t rely on a stupid bathroom scale to judge you or your worth for that matter 🙂


This has been your random thought of the month,



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IT’S BAAAAACK! Give Up/Take Up Challenge for December


Well I’ll be the first to admit I fell off the Give Up/Take Up Wagon – however I’m happy to report I’m no longer biting my nails (except if they break and I can’t be walking around all day with a jagged nail, that’s a weapon you know!)

Sigh, it’s December, the month every women fears, the one month of the year where the cold starts to get to us, the lenient sweatshirts and sweatpants come out and the social calendar gets loaded to the max.

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays have always been a challenge for me – so much goodies kicking around and so much crappy weather to keep you wanting to stay inside, curled up with a blanket watching whatever the heck is on tv to distract you from the thought that you should be a the gym!

So this month for the challenge I’m going to set some very simple and hopefully easy to follow goals so that, like every year, the holidays get a bit more tolerable and a have a bit less negative affect on my health.

For the month of December I will GIVE UP GLUTEN! Yes I already do live a 99% gluten free lifestyle but this holiday season I want it to be 100% so no sneaking a roll at dinner or a piece of pie (believe me my justification skills for having even a little bit of gluten when I want it are very persuasive)

I am going to TAKE UP 4 WORKOUTS A WEEK! To me this seems easy because I’m used to about 5-6 a week but I’ve been noticing my body would rather me work hard 4 days a week and recover in between then kill myself 5-6 days a week – in fact my weight is more stable on 4 days a week then more – who knew?

Mo and I have some tips for you this holiday season to avoid parking your ass in front of the first cheese and cracker platter that crosses your path then spending the rest of the holiday season being upset that you can’t fit into your jeans “so screw it I might as well eat everything else cause I’m a cow and I’ll just start again after New Years” (that may or may not be a direct quote of mine from about 4 years ago)

1- SET A SIMPLE GIVE UP/TAKE UP for the holiday season! More veggies, less wine (ya, right), more yoga – which can be very helpful with coping with the stresses of running around from event to event like a chicken with your head cut off – and remember stress makes you fat!

2- PICK UP A BABY!!!!!!!!! Haha no no no don’t go adopt or steal a baby but if you are at a family event and there’s little ones around grab one! I’ve seen my sister employee this tactic while I sat in front of the cheese and cracker platter and it worked quite well. She got an arm work out in bouncing the little guy around and barely touched the snacks (See Mo I was watching)!

3- BRING A HEALTH APPIE THEN EAT IT ALL! Or the more socially acceptable option may be GET COMFORTABLY FULL ON GOOD STUFF! Fill a little snack plate with fruit, veggies, devilled eggs, cheese, or nuts. Try to avoid snacking on grain based items like crackers, pastries or cookies as these will fill you up quickly and you will go into dinner already full – not an ideal situation

4- WATCH YOUR BOOZE CONSUMPTION – Did you know that when you are drinking your body runs primarily off the alcohol and will not burn off the food you eat until it’s burned off all the alcohol? I know I just blew your mind and suddenly visuals of eating pizza at 2am after a night of heavy drinking have come to light and you’re thinking “Oh my gosh, it all makes sense now” – ya learning this was heavy for me too! If you want to drink a lot try and keep your food choices to lower fat items (yes turkey, veggies etc) avoid gravies, cheeses, butter as these items won’t be burned off before the alcohol and have a higher chance of turning to fat on your body.

5- DON’T OVERBOOK YOURSELF! If you like to eat and drink like me I find not attending every single event a lot easier than going to every event and struggling to not drink a bottle of wine and eat every ounce of cheese and bacon jam your friends put out (yes I said bacon jam!) Sometimes you get a better visit with a friend if you go for a cup of coffee anyways and it may be more feasible for your goals. This tip may also cut some unwanted stress from your schedule and remember stress makes you fat!

6- GO FOR A WALK AFTER A BIG MEAL – If it’s not raining get outside! Walking is great for digestion, de-stressing (because stress makes you ___, yes there will be a quiz later) and who knows you might get a little snow and it’s beautiful 🙂

Hope some of these tips help you this holiday season and we would love to hear your Give Ups and Take Ups so we can all hold each other accountable

We look forward to hearing from you and Happy Holidays


Mel and Mo