My Summer List


Well I just got home from an awesome week in the Okanagan. The week was filled with sunshine and lots of time at the beach. Unfortunately it was also filled with a lot of junk food and hitting the drive thru. For July I decided to give up fast food and take up yoga twice a week. I failed to do either for my first week. After about the third day we gave up on cooking breakfast at our campsite and ended up rotating between a couple favourite fast food joints. So I started no fast food with a fresh slate on Monday and incorporating some yoga. I did manage to get in some runs and a couple mini hikes with some friends. Here are some pictures from some of my active moments. camping hike

Chasing around a 2 year old for a couple hours was definitely the most exercise I got all week. This explains why this incredible woman is so fit already! cutie pie

Then we managed to ride bikes into downtown Kelowna to watch live music. I loved it! I normally hate riding bikes with a passion but this one had a basket so it was pretty fricken awesome! bikes

Tonight was a good wake up call because we had an intense paddling practice and I felt every muscle in my back hurting from the lack of working them. So I am re energized and ready to work hard. Summer ends up being so busy for me so here are some of the things I want to accomplish by the end of August:
– 2 new hikes I haven’t done before
– Cooking 3 new healthy meals and posting them on our blog
– Hitting some balls at the driving range
– Making a healthy picnic for friends and taking it to the beach with friends and throwing the football and Frisbee around.

What is on your list to do this summer? Those are some of the things on my list to help stay fit this summer. Mel and I want to hear from you!!

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Fitting in Fitness


hiking1Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had such beautiful weather here in the Lower Mainland and I spent the weekend enjoying every minute of the sunshine. I find as summer starts to bring it’s sunshine, it can be harder to actually make formal workout plans. So does that mean we slack and get lazy with our fitness goals? NO!! We have to adjust them to take advantage of the amazing weather. So here is how I fit in my workouts this weekend.


I like to workout in the morning so it consisted of the following:
30 squats
30 lunges (each leg)
30 sumo squats
30 bridges

I did these exercises consecutively with a 2 minute break between sets. I repeated these 3 times.

Friday dinner in downtown Vancouver involved parking as far away as possible and walking in heels. If you are a girl then you know that walking in heels for 30 minutes straight is equivalent to running a half marathon. My feet hurt and my calves were sore. I earned every ounce of my steak at the Keg, especially after walking across the Cambie street bridge in a dress, doing my best to avoid a Marilyn Manroe dress blowing up incident. There may have been a bit of a flash…you are welcome people of Vancouver.


Despite finally falling asleep at 2 am after stomping around Vancouver in heels, I woke up at 6 and started getting ready to go hiking. I picked up a few friends and we headed out to Mt. Thom. After getting lost for awhile we finally made it to the trailhead. This was a beautiful hike and it took us approximately 50 minutes up and 50 minutes down. My uphill is better than my downhill because of my knee. We were rewarded with some pretty amazing views. hiking

Saturday afternoon was spent with Mel at our Relay For Life Fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. Our team raised $3100 toward our goal of $10000. I spent the entire night on my feet selling 50/50 and being a referee for the toonie toss. I may have even done a bit of dancing. So this all had to burn a few calories. Right? ūüėČ


Up early to hit the water for paddling practice. I hit the grocery store before paddling because I had a busy day planned and wanted to have some healthy snacks for the beach. Paddling practice ended up being 3 hours on the water. Needless to say I was very HANGRY by the time the boat was finally put away. It was a wonderful way to start the morning.
paddle boarding

The rest of the afternoon was spent paddle boarding on the ocean, playing bocce and throwing a football.
Here is what was in my cooler for the beach:
– A lot of water
– Turkey peperoni bites
– cut up pineapple, cantaloupe, and fresh berries
– Rice cakes ( I was feeding more people than just myself)

Here is what I forgot to pack:
– Sunscreen (needless to say my scalp, arms, stomach are a little pink)

There are so many wonderful ways of being active that do not require being in the gym for hours on end. Although Mel and I love hitting the gym, we also enjoy doing a variety of activities outside that keep us fit. What is your favourite way to stay active and healthy during this time of year?

Maureen’s Personal Health Transformation



This picture is taken after a bootcamp class in October 2010. I weighed approx. 150 pounds.

Hi everyone! Mel and I started this blog as a means to motivate ourselves and stay accountable with our fitness. We hope to share some of our personal struggles and help inspire a few people along the way. Writing this post is very difficult for me as I am a little embarrassed to post some of my old pictures. It always amazes me that sometimes we don’t realize how much our bodies have changed or the size that we are, until we see a picture of ourselves. However, I think it is a great thing to show people how much your body can change through nutrition and exercise. Check out Mel’s amazing transformation here:

I am 5’4… I always wanted to be tall like Mel, who is 5’10 but unfortunately I got our dear Grandma’s height. When you are 5’4 a few pounds on your body makes a significant difference. As I have told you before, I grew up being an athlete. I have never been obese but have been overweight at certain points in my life. After two years of college soccer I stopped playing in 2005¬†and started packing on the weight. I ate¬†Lipton Sidekicks all the time and adopted¬†an unhealthy eating style.¬†I went backpacking with my best friend to Australia and Thailand for 3 months and I came back with dark hair, a tattoo and weighing in at approx. 162 pounds. My families mouths dropped when they saw me and I guess 3 months of inactivity, cheap beer and food was showing through in my body. I had to do something! ¬†I joined the running room and started training with my best friend for our first half marathon. I love to run and it has always been my meditation and my therapy.¬†I slowly started losing a few pounds but didn’t really change my eating habits. I hovered around 150 pounds for about 4 years. Side note: It is amazing when I share this part of my life with my friends because although they realized I am more fit now, they didn’t realize how big I was until I show them the pictures.

In 2009 I lost a bunch of weight and got down to around 128. I wasn’t particularly muscular but started really watching my portion size and eating healthier. Image

I was happy with my body but I didn’t develop habits that were sticking with me. I still ate processed foods but did it in smaller portions. I had met my goal of getting skinny in 2009 but not fit and I didn’t set another goal for myself.¬†I adjusted and slowly reverted back to my old ways of eating processed foods and not exercising. My brain and body thrives on exercise and when I don’t workout then I feel lousy which makes me eat crappy. In the span of one year I blew back up to approx. 158 pounds. This picture was taken when I was in Egypt in 2010. It still shocks me to look at this picture. This was taken almost exactly one year later.


A few months later I moved to the Lower Mainland. Mel and I went for a couple runs and I was slowly starting to get back into shape. I started running again and ran another half marathon in May 2011. The following week I blew out my knee and was incapacitated. It took from May until August for my MRI to show a completely torn ACL, partial MCL tear and a fractured tibia. I was devastated. I had finally gotten back into soccer and running and now I was sidelined. I had to do something but was unable to workout. I started to really look at my nutrition and what I was putting into my body. I was determined to get my body as healthy as possible before I underwent surgery. Surgery for my ACL was February 2012 and I weighed in that morning at 145 pounds. I remember being proud of myself for getting down to this weight. I was determined after surgery to get back in the best shape of my life. I started eating clean and avoiding processed food as much as possible. I started lifting heavy weights and saw some huge changes in my body. I did the LIVEFIT trainer program in January 2013 with a couple friends and got incredible results. I weighed in at 127 pounds but had more muscle here.  Image


My weight was approx. the same as 2009¬†but my body composition was significantly different. I had a lot more muscle in 2013. I was working out and lifting heavy 6 days a week and eating clean. I have tried my best to keep up with working out at this level. Currently I am running 4-5 days a week, paddling 3 days a week and still lifting weights. I have been working on trying to find balance with working out and eating clean. The best judge for me is my energy levels. I have low energy when I don’t workout and eat healthy food. I do have¬†cheat meals because I do not believe in deprivation. I have learned¬†through my experience that you can’t out train a bad diet. Nutrition is the¬†main ingredient in looking and feeling healthy.¬†Currently I weigh approx. 130 pounds and my weight fluctuates 5 pounds either way depending on my food intake. I do not weigh myself daily but chose to judge on how my clothes fit and how I feel.


I look forward¬†to having a healthy last year in my 20’s and continuing on with my fitness for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me through all my different fitness levels. The ones who have run with me, hiked with me, paddled, walked, biked,¬†surfed,¬†yoga classes,¬†etc. I love you all very much. I have now found a recipe for success that works for my body and I intend on continuing to use it. Please feel free to share your personal story with us. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

Mo xo

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I’m Back… Running


I have officially been cleared to be running again and I am so excited! I recently went for a jog on my treadmill in my garage and did some interval training. I haven’t run since August because of tearing my meniscus and my cardio has gotten fairly terrible. So I hopped on the treadmill last Friday and ran at a decent pace for 8 minutes and then did 30 toe touchers and 30 crunches and would get back on the treadmill. I ended up running for around 35 minutes and I felt great. My knee didn’t even hurt at all!

As a continuation onto Mel’s post about getting outside of your comfort zone, I managed to go for a 6 hour hike on Monday. I love the outdoors and being with nature but I was pretty nervous about this hike. As previously noted, my cardio is not in peak form and the thought of 6 hours was pretty daunting but I pushed myself to go anyways. The views were spectacular from the view points on the hike and I had a lot of fun. My knee did really well and I experienced zero pain. I was pretty slow going up and down the hills but the point was that I finished it and definitely want to do more hiking this summer.

Last night we had gorgeous weather so I arrived at paddling early to go for a run. It was my first trail run in a very long time and I was totally in the zone. Unfortunately, being in the zone led me to almost having a heart attack from almost stepping on two snakes! Yuck! I hate snakes because the are slimy and they move so bloody fast. I may have screamed at the top of my lungs and then felt really embarrassed. Thankfully it was quiet on the trail and I don’t think any of the bunnies I saw will be gossiping about what a baby I am. Anyways, I ran for about 25 minutes and then went to paddling practice. Out on the water we saw two beavers and a couple seals. It was a gorgeous night.

What are your plans this summer to get outside of your comfort zone? Mel and I are here to encourage you to try new things with your fitness and not to be afraid to stretch yourself. Always make sure you work out within you abilities and be gentle with your body. My knee is only doing well because I put the time in at the gym doing my rehab and making sure to rest.

Thanks for reading!
Mo xoxoxo

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Happy belated Earth Day


What did you do to celebrate Earth Day this year? Yesterday I went out paddling and spent an hour on the water. One of my favourite feelings is closing my eyes and feeling the movement of the boat across the water and hearing the sound of the paddle pushing through the water. It is an incredible moment to hear everyone’s paddles being in time with each other and the boat rocking in unison with 5 other people. It is an amazing way to feel connected and be working with others towards a goal. If your timing is off, the boat does not move well on the water.

On the weekend I also went out for my first couple hikes (more like trail walks) since I had my meniscus repaired. My knee did really well and I didn’t experience any pain. Hallelujah! I am getting geared up for the summer for hiking, running, paddling and paddle boarding. I love this place that we live! earth

Stay tuned for a transformation being featured on the blog! Want to see where Mel and I started from and where we are now in our fitness? It is a big change… Get excited about these really embarrassing photos.

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Mo xx