I’m Back… Running


I have officially been cleared to be running again and I am so excited! I recently went for a jog on my treadmill in my garage and did some interval training. I haven’t run since August because of tearing my meniscus and my cardio has gotten fairly terrible. So I hopped on the treadmill last Friday and ran at a decent pace for 8 minutes and then did 30 toe touchers and 30 crunches and would get back on the treadmill. I ended up running for around 35 minutes and I felt great. My knee didn’t even hurt at all!

As a continuation onto Mel’s post about getting outside of your comfort zone, I managed to go for a 6 hour hike on Monday. I love the outdoors and being with nature but I was pretty nervous about this hike. As previously noted, my cardio is not in peak form and the thought of 6 hours was pretty daunting but I pushed myself to go anyways. The views were spectacular from the view points on the hike and I had a lot of fun. My knee did really well and I experienced zero pain. I was pretty slow going up and down the hills but the point was that I finished it and definitely want to do more hiking this summer.

Last night we had gorgeous weather so I arrived at paddling early to go for a run. It was my first trail run in a very long time and I was totally in the zone. Unfortunately, being in the zone led me to almost having a heart attack from almost stepping on two snakes! Yuck! I hate snakes because the are slimy and they move so bloody fast. I may have screamed at the top of my lungs and then felt really embarrassed. Thankfully it was quiet on the trail and I don’t think any of the bunnies I saw will be gossiping about what a baby I am. Anyways, I ran for about 25 minutes and then went to paddling practice. Out on the water we saw two beavers and a couple seals. It was a gorgeous night.

What are your plans this summer to get outside of your comfort zone? Mel and I are here to encourage you to try new things with your fitness and not to be afraid to stretch yourself. Always make sure you work out within you abilities and be gentle with your body. My knee is only doing well because I put the time in at the gym doing my rehab and making sure to rest.

Thanks for reading!
Mo xoxoxo

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My Staycation- Having Gratitude For My Body




Good morning everyone! I had this week off work and it has been fantastic. I started my week with watching this wonderful video from Amy Poehler on Body Image http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOWqSPJZtmA. In the video she talks about having gratitude for your body and the things that it does for you. Have you ever struggled with your body image? I am sure we all have but this video has some great tips. After being inspired by that video, I decided to make gratitude the theme of my staycation week. I can be very hard on my body and tend to expect a lot from it. Over the years, through experiencing a lot of knee injuries, I am learning to be more gentle with myself. So here is a little post on how I have incorporated gratitude for my body during my week off.


My back has been a bit of a mess lately. When I was in my early 20’s my friend and I got rear ended and my back has been messed up ever since. So I decided that I would give back to my body by addressing this pain. I hit the gym in the morning and then went to the chiropractor. I finished my day with an amazing facial at Spa Utopia. I received a gift card from a loved one awhile ago and this was the perfect time to use it. Spa Utopia is heaven for adults. I spent awhile in the steam room, snacked on dried fruits, drank cucumber water and received an amazing facial with a foot massage. I highly recommend going there if you need to relax. Make sure you go early to use the amenities and escape from your cell phone for awhile.


Our sister Katie came out to visit and we hit the Fort to Fort trail in Fort Langley. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. During the afternoon I went to massage therapy with Murray Schwabe. He is amazing! If you need a great massage therapist he comes highly recommended by Sister Act Fitness. http://www.glovermassagetherapy.ca/ During the evening Katie and I went for an intense paddling practice and took in the beautiful sunset.


A met up with my girlfriend and headed to Vancouver for her maternity photo shoot. The images are going to be breath taking! Check out Karolina Turek if you want an amazing photographer. I took the day off working out and gave gratitude to my body by doing some gentle stretching for my back and legs.


Saw the chiropractor again this morning. I am determined to get my back in shape and feeling strong before I head back to work. In the afternoon I gave my body some serious rest time. I threw on American Hustle and relaxed. You’re welcome, body… The evening was spent in the rain at paddling practice. It was still a great night.


Woke up and hit the gym for a solid legs workout. My knee rehab is coming along nicely and I am still lifting light weights but here was my workout today:

Lunges 3 sets- 10 reps (20 pounds 😦  )

Calf raises-3 sets- 20 reps (70 pounds)

Hamstring press- 3 sets- 20 reps (55 pounds)

Leg press- 3 sets- 10 reps (90 pounds)

One leg deadlifts- 3 sets- 15 reps (20 pounds)

20 minutes on the stationary bike and I did some ab work as well.

Mel and I are hitting Nature’s Fare this morning to stock up on our favourite healthy food and snacks. I have a lot more gratitude planned this weekend such as  a walk on the beach with a friend’s dog, chiropractor, healthy food prep and more paddling.  How do you show gratitude to your body for doing the work it does for you? We want to hear your suggestions.

Mo xo

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The Results Are In….. No Surgery!



Alright everyone! I know you have been waiting on baited breath, so here we go. I don’t need surgery. It turns out that my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is still intact. This is a massive sigh of relief because I had a replacement ACL surgery done two years ago and it is a challenging recovery. This time I tore my lateral meniscus and they tried to repair it but could not. The surgeon told me that one part of my meniscus actually moved forward to where it was not supposed to be. The surgeon attempted to move it and it was unsuccessful so instead they trimmed it back. Apparently I had some scar tissue that formed that they also had to remove. It always amazes me that our bodies have the ability to adapt and get used to the changes. So the silver lining is that I do not need surgery!

Tomorrow will be day one of starting my rehab process. I have been cleared to start on the bike with very mild tension and do some leg machines with very light weights. The great news is that I can start to run again in 8 weeks. The thought of running makes my heart sing! Anyways, I would like to thank all of my loved ones and our followers for their support during this process, it means a lot to me. Sorry for the picture but I thought some people may find it interesting.

Thanks for reading!

Mo xoxo