Why aren’t your meditating? 


     My stress levels tend to run high this time of year leading up to our Annual Relay for Life. Between my job, fundraisers and road trips to and from my old hometown I seem very wound up. So about a month ago I downloaded the free Calm mediation app from iTunes after hearing from some friends say how much they were loving it. Well now I love it too! I’ll admit at first it feels a little strange and a lot of thoughts come creeping into your mind but this app advocates not to get mad that your mind wonders but simply, and calmly, bring your focus back your breath. Now while I can’t say that my road rage has subsided or I don’t feel like punching people in the junk once in a while I’m slowly learning to take things as they are and not let them change my energy. 

Another perk? I sleep like a baby after! Granted I’ve always slept pretty well but a couple times I’ve awoken in the morning in the exact same position I fell asleep in! Unreal! 

Recently I spent the $8.99 to get the app upgrade unlocked so I now have access to mediation programs for deep sleep, confidence, calming anxiety, confidence, compassion, creativity, energy, focus, forgiveness, inner strength, gratitude, inner peace, motivation, positivity, and self acceptance – man that’s a lot for $9! I’ve enjoyed the deep sleep one (clearly given my previous example of not moving) as well as the calming anxiety. 

Mo and I are big fans of treating whatever ails you with things other than drugs and hope something as simple as a free (or upgraded if u would like) app can help a few people deal with anxiety and all the tough times in life. 

Please let me know if you try this and how you like it 🙂



Ps if you would like to donate to our Relay for Life team benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society here’s the link: 



IT’S BAAAAACK! Give Up/Take Up Challenge for December


Well I’ll be the first to admit I fell off the Give Up/Take Up Wagon – however I’m happy to report I’m no longer biting my nails (except if they break and I can’t be walking around all day with a jagged nail, that’s a weapon you know!)

Sigh, it’s December, the month every women fears, the one month of the year where the cold starts to get to us, the lenient sweatshirts and sweatpants come out and the social calendar gets loaded to the max.

I don’t know about you guys but the holidays have always been a challenge for me – so much goodies kicking around and so much crappy weather to keep you wanting to stay inside, curled up with a blanket watching whatever the heck is on tv to distract you from the thought that you should be a the gym!

So this month for the challenge I’m going to set some very simple and hopefully easy to follow goals so that, like every year, the holidays get a bit more tolerable and a have a bit less negative affect on my health.

For the month of December I will GIVE UP GLUTEN! Yes I already do live a 99% gluten free lifestyle but this holiday season I want it to be 100% so no sneaking a roll at dinner or a piece of pie (believe me my justification skills for having even a little bit of gluten when I want it are very persuasive)

I am going to TAKE UP 4 WORKOUTS A WEEK! To me this seems easy because I’m used to about 5-6 a week but I’ve been noticing my body would rather me work hard 4 days a week and recover in between then kill myself 5-6 days a week – in fact my weight is more stable on 4 days a week then more – who knew?

Mo and I have some tips for you this holiday season to avoid parking your ass in front of the first cheese and cracker platter that crosses your path then spending the rest of the holiday season being upset that you can’t fit into your jeans “so screw it I might as well eat everything else cause I’m a cow and I’ll just start again after New Years” (that may or may not be a direct quote of mine from about 4 years ago)

1- SET A SIMPLE GIVE UP/TAKE UP for the holiday season! More veggies, less wine (ya, right), more yoga – which can be very helpful with coping with the stresses of running around from event to event like a chicken with your head cut off – and remember stress makes you fat!

2- PICK UP A BABY!!!!!!!!! Haha no no no don’t go adopt or steal a baby but if you are at a family event and there’s little ones around grab one! I’ve seen my sister employee this tactic while I sat in front of the cheese and cracker platter and it worked quite well. She got an arm work out in bouncing the little guy around and barely touched the snacks (See Mo I was watching)!

3- BRING A HEALTH APPIE THEN EAT IT ALL! Or the more socially acceptable option may be GET COMFORTABLY FULL ON GOOD STUFF! Fill a little snack plate with fruit, veggies, devilled eggs, cheese, or nuts. Try to avoid snacking on grain based items like crackers, pastries or cookies as these will fill you up quickly and you will go into dinner already full – not an ideal situation

4- WATCH YOUR BOOZE CONSUMPTION – Did you know that when you are drinking your body runs primarily off the alcohol and will not burn off the food you eat until it’s burned off all the alcohol? I know I just blew your mind and suddenly visuals of eating pizza at 2am after a night of heavy drinking have come to light and you’re thinking “Oh my gosh, it all makes sense now” – ya learning this was heavy for me too! If you want to drink a lot try and keep your food choices to lower fat items (yes turkey, veggies etc) avoid gravies, cheeses, butter as these items won’t be burned off before the alcohol and have a higher chance of turning to fat on your body.

5- DON’T OVERBOOK YOURSELF! If you like to eat and drink like me I find not attending every single event a lot easier than going to every event and struggling to not drink a bottle of wine and eat every ounce of cheese and bacon jam your friends put out (yes I said bacon jam!) Sometimes you get a better visit with a friend if you go for a cup of coffee anyways and it may be more feasible for your goals. This tip may also cut some unwanted stress from your schedule and remember stress makes you fat!

6- GO FOR A WALK AFTER A BIG MEAL – If it’s not raining get outside! Walking is great for digestion, de-stressing (because stress makes you ___, yes there will be a quiz later) and who knows you might get a little snow and it’s beautiful 🙂

Hope some of these tips help you this holiday season and we would love to hear your Give Ups and Take Ups so we can all hold each other accountable

We look forward to hearing from you and Happy Holidays


Mel and Mo