Maureen’s Personal Health Transformation



This picture is taken after a bootcamp class in October 2010. I weighed approx. 150 pounds.

Hi everyone! Mel and I started this blog as a means to motivate ourselves and stay accountable with our fitness. We hope to share some of our personal struggles and help inspire a few people along the way. Writing this post is very difficult for me as I am a little embarrassed to post some of my old pictures. It always amazes me that sometimes we don’t realize how much our bodies have changed or the size that we are, until we see a picture of ourselves. However, I think it is a great thing to show people how much your body can change through nutrition and exercise. Check out Mel’s amazing transformation here:

I am 5’4… I always wanted to be tall like Mel, who is 5’10 but unfortunately I got our dear Grandma’s height. When you are 5’4 a few pounds on your body makes a significant difference. As I have told you before, I grew up being an athlete. I have never been obese but have been overweight at certain points in my life. After two years of college soccer I stopped playing in 2005 and started packing on the weight. I ate Lipton Sidekicks all the time and adopted an unhealthy eating style. I went backpacking with my best friend to Australia and Thailand for 3 months and I came back with dark hair, a tattoo and weighing in at approx. 162 pounds. My families mouths dropped when they saw me and I guess 3 months of inactivity, cheap beer and food was showing through in my body. I had to do something!  I joined the running room and started training with my best friend for our first half marathon. I love to run and it has always been my meditation and my therapy. I slowly started losing a few pounds but didn’t really change my eating habits. I hovered around 150 pounds for about 4 years. Side note: It is amazing when I share this part of my life with my friends because although they realized I am more fit now, they didn’t realize how big I was until I show them the pictures.

In 2009 I lost a bunch of weight and got down to around 128. I wasn’t particularly muscular but started really watching my portion size and eating healthier. Image

I was happy with my body but I didn’t develop habits that were sticking with me. I still ate processed foods but did it in smaller portions. I had met my goal of getting skinny in 2009 but not fit and I didn’t set another goal for myself. I adjusted and slowly reverted back to my old ways of eating processed foods and not exercising. My brain and body thrives on exercise and when I don’t workout then I feel lousy which makes me eat crappy. In the span of one year I blew back up to approx. 158 pounds. This picture was taken when I was in Egypt in 2010. It still shocks me to look at this picture. This was taken almost exactly one year later.


A few months later I moved to the Lower Mainland. Mel and I went for a couple runs and I was slowly starting to get back into shape. I started running again and ran another half marathon in May 2011. The following week I blew out my knee and was incapacitated. It took from May until August for my MRI to show a completely torn ACL, partial MCL tear and a fractured tibia. I was devastated. I had finally gotten back into soccer and running and now I was sidelined. I had to do something but was unable to workout. I started to really look at my nutrition and what I was putting into my body. I was determined to get my body as healthy as possible before I underwent surgery. Surgery for my ACL was February 2012 and I weighed in that morning at 145 pounds. I remember being proud of myself for getting down to this weight. I was determined after surgery to get back in the best shape of my life. I started eating clean and avoiding processed food as much as possible. I started lifting heavy weights and saw some huge changes in my body. I did the LIVEFIT trainer program in January 2013 with a couple friends and got incredible results. I weighed in at 127 pounds but had more muscle here.  Image


My weight was approx. the same as 2009 but my body composition was significantly different. I had a lot more muscle in 2013. I was working out and lifting heavy 6 days a week and eating clean. I have tried my best to keep up with working out at this level. Currently I am running 4-5 days a week, paddling 3 days a week and still lifting weights. I have been working on trying to find balance with working out and eating clean. The best judge for me is my energy levels. I have low energy when I don’t workout and eat healthy food. I do have cheat meals because I do not believe in deprivation. I have learned through my experience that you can’t out train a bad diet. Nutrition is the main ingredient in looking and feeling healthy. Currently I weigh approx. 130 pounds and my weight fluctuates 5 pounds either way depending on my food intake. I do not weigh myself daily but chose to judge on how my clothes fit and how I feel.


I look forward to having a healthy last year in my 20’s and continuing on with my fitness for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me through all my different fitness levels. The ones who have run with me, hiked with me, paddled, walked, biked, surfed, yoga classes, etc. I love you all very much. I have now found a recipe for success that works for my body and I intend on continuing to use it. Please feel free to share your personal story with us. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

Mo xo

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How do you eat healthy with a man in the house???


How’s everyone’s Give Up Take Up Challenge going? I can proudly say I haven’t touched sugar ——— until last night 😦 My boyfriend accidentally (I say accidentally because he knows better and is usually really good at hiding this stuff) left two bags of chips on the kitchen counter – Zesty Doritos and BBQ Lays – my two favorites. I can proudly say I devoured the remaining amount of Doritos (not much was in there, really) and about half of the rest of the bag of BBQ Lays – those poor chips didn’t see it coming. No I did not beat myself up about this binge and happily hit the spin bike this morning for some empty stomach cardio.

My question to you guys is “How do stay on track with your health and diet goals with men in the household”. It is fact that women cannot match men calorie to calorie and maintain or lose weight – Men are bigger, stronger, and burn more energy in a day – women have notoriously slower metabolisms. Believe me, I dated a guy over a decade ago who didn’t eat vegetables and ate out constantly – I ate out with him and put on 30 pounds in a short amount of time – gross.

Lucky for me I am the main grocery shopper in the house and stand by the motto that “If its not in the house I won’t eat it” – I, like Mo, am lazy – its rare that I would ever venture out of the house to eat crap – however I would venture out of the house to eat a lettuce wrapped burger from Fat Burger because I love them (try it, you will agree). So I usually buy meats, fruit, veggies and nuts and then a couple of things that my boyfriend likes – aka the food I have a hard time avoiding but practice makes perfect – the #1 food that he loves that I have on my “avoid” list is cheese. We usually have cheese in our fridge and I always pray its not gouda, gouda is my weakness, cheddar can beat it and mozzarella is a maybe.

I am very lucky that my bf eats whatever I cook and also has a reaction to wheat so he’s fairly content with meat, fruits and veggies (and cheese and he loves pickles) 95% of the time. He also goes out for lunch here and there to enjoy the things I can’t have in the house (sushi, bagels, chips, dog treats – who knows, I’m not there) so our eating works well for us and he supports my picky eating.

My suggestion to anyone who is struggling to eat healthy in their household – get out a cookbook that you love (paleo, vegan, wheat free, clean eating – whatever you want but I’m sorry most Best of Bridge recipes aren’t endorsed by Sister Act Fitness) and ask your spouse/husband/family which recipe they would like to try – engaging your significant other or family in the food decision is fun and maybe they will even help you cook! Also if you and your man like to have a snack after dinner maybe you could commit to having a treat one night per week instead of every night – baby steps

Let us know your tricks and tips for keeping your healthy goals in line in a multi-person household – the more ideas the better so we can continue to build this healthy community!

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Don’t let the scale be the judge


As most women know, the scale is a friend and a foe, mostly a foe. Unfortunately as women we all put far too much emphasize on what this stupid little battery powered device says. I don’t believe what we weigh should dictate how much we love ourselves. For me if my clothes fit, if I’m eating well and staying active, if I’m smiling and laughing and enjoying life then who cares if I’m 170 pounds or 173? A friend was quoted as asking her husband one day “Do you want a skinny, bitchy wife or do you want a curvy happy wife”? I couldn’t agree more, be the you that you love and if you aren’t comfortable in your own skin then change it.

Me, I weigh myself everyday not because I want to but because I am used to it now, read on before you judge. I know, I know you shouldn’t weigh yourself everyday, and I fully agree with you, however since I’m merely maintaing my weight and testing my physical reactions to foods right now, I just did myself a solid and CHANGED THE WAY I FELT ABOUT THE SCALE! (Yes our minds are a crazy, trainable thing, its amazing really). I monitor what I eat vs what the scale says and adjust my eating accordingly. Case in point, the other night we had our nuts and bolts munch fest – I was up 2.5 pounds on the scale the next day. Now old Mel would have been “THATS ALMOST THREE POUNDS!!!” and then proceeded to take it out on everyone else who crossed my path that day, not anymore. This time I said “yes, I am up on the scale, no I did NOT gain 2.5 pounds, yes I will see this number change after a couple days of EATING CLEAN”. If the scale is up I don’t starve myself hoping it will repair my indulgence and I don’t eat everything in sight claiming “I’m a big fat cow and might as well just keep eating until I put myself into a depressed Dorito induced coma” (this may or may not be a factual quote from my past). If I’m up on the scale I know what to do now, I reflect on my indulgence, smile and know I really enjoyed eating it and then I get down to business cooking and preparing some yummy healthy meals so I can get rid of the bloat.

This is what we had for dinner the following night:

Taco Lettuce Wraps

I took a massive amount of ground beef that I got on sale at Whole Foods, added cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder and salt and fried it with some yellow onion. Once the beef was cooked I drained the fat and added 3 handfuls of baby spinach. Stir the beef and the spinach will wilt into it. Add hot sauce if you like it, we did. Then, find the most patient and delicate person in your house for this next part – the lettuce. Cut the bottom off of the lettuce (the nubby white part) now CAREFULLY peel layer by layer off of the head of lettuce. I’m sure if you googled this procedure you may find a better way to do it, if you do let me know. Now scoop a bit of ground beef mix into the lettuce, add salsa and fresh cut red pepper – wrap however you can, its messy however you do it. ENJOY! I ate two 😉